Friday, December 3, 2010

pain in the heart...


I dunno what's wrong with me... There's so much sadness in my heart right now. I really need to get over David. Why is it so difficult? I've been listening to love songs like a silly boy all day long :(
and he's meant to be just my best friend! Why does it hurt so much? FML! I am a good catch; I'd be able to find someone to love me in due time, if I could wait long enough. It's his loss! Why am I not moving on? Ugh! Why is it soooo easy for him not to like me back the way I like him? Why is it so easy for him not to want me as badly as I want him? Why am I hurting? Why is it easy for him to tell me about how he wishes he could get it on with that guy I introduced him to? Why is he so hurtful? Why the pain? Why the heartbreak? Why am I so silly? Why can't I just move on?

Do I need a rebound guy?
I feel like being slutty and getting it on with random guys at a club or something... Ugh!

I have so much love to give... I am so desperate for romance right now!

PS: My roommate is gonna be away for the weekend so Imma have the room alone. I am thinking of going to some gay club and bringing some stranger(s) with me for the night(s)... I guess I just need to fool around in order to feel better or at least get myself to move on or something -_-

broken heart... burning tears,