Friday, November 19, 2010

Imma be back

Hello y'all

Have you missed me?
So I just thought of coming back to blog world because -- truth be told -- I need to blog from time to time as no matter how many friends and counselors I have out there, sometimes I just need to vent out stuff without having them commenting or even knowing about the stuff on my mind. I understand that I haven't blogged in ages, which means there's a lot to update you about but Imma be able to do that shortly and trust me... despite the tons of things which happened.. I'm still myself deep down and my journey of struggles is not gonna end any soon. There's a lot on my mind right now... some sadness yet some achievements... and many goals to work for.

I have a lot of exams before Thanksgiving break so I might not write much before then but please do stay tuned coz Sam is back! =)


Manu said...

I'll wait :)

Micky said...

Hi Sam!

Nice to hear from you again!

Your blog pops up on my list as soon as you post, so if I'm awake that day you stand a chance I'll in.

Good luck with those exams!

wayner said...

I kept your blog on my list cos I kinda thought you might want to post again after getting settled in university for a few months. Me, I bought a new motorcycle (Triumph Street Triple R) and have just put it up for the winter; riding this fine handling and powerful machine makes me feel like a teen again and that makes it worth every penny lol. Can't wait for spring. Be sure to stay on top of your studies and nice to hear from you. bfn - Wayne :)

B. said...

GREAT!!! You are right, and remember, no matter how much friend (real ones) and people you have around you, you still need to have your own place to rethink your thoughts, comment it with complete stranger. Sometimes some intimate details is better to share with stranger than with people who are in your surrounding... I know from experience and that people can surprise you in a very pleasant way... Keep blogging...

I blog ergo sum LOOOL