Sunday, August 8, 2010

I came out to my Mom and sisters


So how is everybody doing? 
You've actually read it right. I think I've come out to my Mom and sisters... Lemme tell you how that went:
So I spent yesterday at my aunt's place coz I was giving her son some Maths lessons since he's kinda weak in that. The rest of my family came over after lunch to chill. My mom was tired (she gets migraine) so she went to take a nap. Later, my sisters and I went to the room where Mom was sleeping to check on her.. so we sat on  the bed next to hers and we were all talking, gossiping and joking. Then my sister asked me why have I straightened my hair and styled it in an emo-look. She said it looks gay. So I said I just find it cool and sexy :P Then my sisters and Mom went on about how I seem a bit weird lately. So out of the blue I told them: "I'm thinking about giving belly dance lessons for my friends at college. haha" They all laughed and so I was like: "Put on some music so I show you how well I dance." My older sister (Christene) started looking for appropriate music on her phone and then Mom asked me: "Sam, are you gay?" My sisters stopped and stared... I didn't reply, so Christene added: "Are you gay or maybe Bi?". I smiled and said "Yes!" and went quiet a bit... Then I kinda changed the topic and they never mentioned it again. 

So... I didn't lie! right? Maybe they took it as a joke or something... coz like being gay is a disease in my family's book. It's this alien thing that is too far from reaching my family. And they reacted really cool about my "yes" and didn't ask me to elaborate or anything... so they probably didn't take me seriously. I don't know :/

That same day I went out in the evening with my sister's guy friend. He offered to take me out coz my sister was busy and couldn't go along. Plus he said he finds me cool so I was like Yay! lol He took me to this pub where he sings and offered me two double Vodka glasses. I just chilled by the bar, observed people and had time to think. I didn't sleep much at night when I got back coz I was thinking - plus it was too hot!! I went to bed at 3 and stayed awake until 6. I only fell asleep for like 3 hours coz I was awake by 9. Oh there's a guy I wanna talk to you about!! I think he's Bi and I'm going out to see him tonight. We're going for karaoke but I won't go gay or anything. I'll stay under the radar and enjoy the eye-candy lol So I'm going now for a shower and get ready. I'll ask him if there are Gaga or Adam Lambert songs and see how he reacts HAHA



tman said...

Holy Cow, Sam!! Yeah!! That counts as coming out!! Especially since your Mom asked the question first! It's not like you can just forget an answer to a question like that!! I'm sure that she's been wondering for quite a while, and, finally got the courage to ask..
I hope you are ready to talk to your dad, now... He's gonna be a little interested, don't you think??
Well, I'm stupefied!! I thought you didn't feel ready to drop that bomb, but, now that it exploded, I guess I should congratulate you on your courage!! I hope it all works out in the best possible way for you, kid!!
WOW!! luv, tman<3

Micky said...

Hey! Well done Sam!

Isn't it just great to have been able to tell the truth?

Chances are your Mum will have 'a word' with you on your own at some stage just to see if you meant it and, hopefully, to make sure you're happy and OK.

So it's an OUT Sam now! Wow!

Confused School Boy said...

I think you must feel so happy with yourself and so you should be! Well done! :) I don't think i could ever just say yes like that! I am so happy for you! Anyways with regards to tonight i hope it went well for you! You go get em kiddo! You sound like a real cool and fun loving guy!
Kieren xxxxx

kinkynik said...

Brave boy.

Honesty is not always the best policy but this time I think it was.

wayner said...

Wow Sam! Maybe your mother and sister had their suspicions and were kind of half-expecting it. But I'm wondering how your dad will react; be sure to be calm and firm if they discuss this further with you. Maybe they can get used to the idea while you are off to college. I hope things work out ok in the meantime. I'm so glad for you. bfn - Wayne :) (hugs)

JP said...

Congrats! That was a bold thing you did, especially being such an out of the blue way to come out but hey, whatever floats your boat. I gotta say though, I wouldn't be surprised if you and your mom/sisters had a little heart to heart on a later day so I'd keep that in mind.

I'm so happy for you though! :D

Roop said...

Congratulations, Sam! It's superb. I'm so happy for you!

Derric said...

Hey you did it .... they have been notified, and some how i do get a feeling that they have accepted with a silence

Dave83201 said...

That went about as well as anyone could expect. Still, they may have just been shocked into silence. Don't be surprised if they just avoid the topic altogether. And next time I hope someone offers you even a word of assurance and support.

Good luck Sam, and I bet the hair is rock'n!

Nic said...

Hey Sam :o)

I saw you comment on my blog and came over here and read a few posts. You seem to be a cool guy. Get yourself a twitter account and let me introduce you to the guys.

Have a nice day

Phunk Factor said...

Hey Sam!!!

Hope your result was awesome!

tman said...

So... I've been wondering what happened, Sam... Are you OK???? luv, tman<3

B. said...

Wow, I didn't know this, I'm surprised, even though you told me that you kinda came out... Well, when you say story in this way, it counts as coming out... WOW, great step...

Okay, I need to keep reading, cause I'm curious to see what happened next with your mom, cause I think that they got the point... Even thought they are maybe pretening to take it as a joke

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