Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Thank y'all for your support and welcome to all my new followers!! You guys rock and make my blogging worthwhile...

I had an OK day today... kinda boring but am cool with it coz I had lots of fun stocked when I was with my idk-bf (nostalgia....) and I'm hopefully up to great things at college - so soon. Mom easily gets over her moodiness... and so today I helped her cook some sweet stuff and tidied my room which made her kinda satisfied with me. She still fusses about how much time I spend online... bleh. I'll find time for my family sooner or later. I still have around 40 days left with them.

We visited some relatives today and gossiped - which is my family's specialty lol
Bleh.. what else? nothing much...

I just asked my Mom if there's a way I can fix something about my eyebrows and she was like: "Sam, get more manly, please... and stop all those things you've been doing lately!" (She means being a bit fem)

Take Care good people!


tman said...

lol... hey Sam... think about it.. someday, after you come out to your mom, she''l have tons of fun with you.. fixing your eyebrows, cutting your hair, shopping... Right now, she just doesn't know what she's missing... Now, just have fun with her, and if she says to be more manly, well... burp or something!! lol And, have fun at all the parties!! luv, tman<3

Sam said...

thanks Tman!
But I don't think we (Mom and I) would have fun together... She's got 2 daughters to do those things with her. In my parents' opinion; sons are typical MEN and daughters are typical Women... hence the difficulty of me coming out to her.

wayner said...

Lots of str8 guys fuss over their eyebrows, not just gays, but mentioning that to your mother is not staying under the radar lol. Ok, so you are not a lumberjack but you can engage in 'manly' activities like exercise, biking, jogging, swimming, tennis etc. Relax and enjoy a few boring days and a lazy summer. bfn - Wayne :) (and young people DO spend too much time online!)

Chrissie said...

I am glad you are doing better. I was worried after your post. I have a lot of the same issues with my parents. It sucks...and it drives you down. I have been in a rut myself.


Sam said...

Thank you Chrissie and Wayne!