Friday, July 2, 2010

The time of my life…

I have spent the time of my life in the past few weeks – traveling around, being with my bf, and having very many firsts such as French kissing a girl (terrible experience), drinking tequila and many other spirits, going to an island, visiting a recording studio, etc… I also got to celebrate my 19th Bday in a very special way. My bf made me have the best birthday celebration ever just b being around me and doing very sweet stuff that made me feel so special and loved. I’ve literally had THE best time of my life!

It was extremely difficult departing and leaving the love of my life and I am still dealing with this heart-break at the moment. There’s no way to move on at this time being coz I am back home for a month and a half and am bored like hell… so all I think about is him, his true love and the amazing time we had together. I won’t blog too much about my bf coz I prefer to keep our holy love and deep attachment between us – I think he also aint comfy with me writing about us online so I hope you don’t mind that.

Anyway, my heart is singing its own nostalgia songs mixed with melancholic melodies and a restless rhythm at the moment; so I will leave it to deal with its issues as time goes by. Meanwhile I would like to update you about what’s happening in my life. So keep checking my blog coz Imma be posting much more constantly from now onwards.

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wayner said...

Now that's the way to celebrate graduation! Of course there is always the boredom after a really good time but that is life. Now back to the family for a while. bfn - Wayne :) (yeah, you're gonna miss your bf :(