Thursday, July 22, 2010

They wanna hook me up with Jennifer

Good day!

I went again to the beach today. It was just me with Mom and my two younger siblings. We didn't really swim coz it was not comfy. We just went to this free beach, not a proper resort. Hence, snobby me didn't feel at ease. I just laid around, read a little and tanned. I am kinda sunburnt now. My chest is sooo red and so are my cheeks and nose. I think it's kinda hot :P My butt is whitey! It's cute hehe.

While there, my younger sister Michelle (15 y.o) and Mom started to talk to me about Jennifer. She's this 18 year old girl who used to go to my former school. She's really good looking, smart and sweet. I would like her if I do girls. Jennifer's mother is friends with my family and she likes me a lot. Well, Mom told me that she always mentions me and talks about my achievements and such. So Michelle and Mom said they want me to hook up with Jennifer coz she seems like a good girlfriend to have and future wife. FML. My sis (Michelle) is going tomorrow to the cinema with Jennifer and her sister. They wanna watch Eclipse. Mom and sis said I should go along so that I can meet up with Jennifer and start up with the 'hook up' process haha FML. I really wanna watch Eclipse but then I can go for it with my older sis (Christene) and her bf, instead. I don't wanna meet up Jennifer coz I'd be shy lol. I guess Mom just wants to make sure I've got strings attached with some girl from my home country. By the way, I don't think it would be hard for me to get Jennifer. She did show interest in me once and well.. I am such a great man to get (in the opinions of the people around me here). They all think I'm an over-achiever, very polite and intellectual, and such a perfect man and prince charming haha

Tonight, my older sis wanted me to go out with her and her bf to this friend's birthday party but I didn't go coz I wouldn't really enjoy myself. It's being held at this fancy restaurant so there wouldn't be dancing and naughtiness lol. They'd just sit around, eat something, have drinks and taaaaaaalk. Quite lame! Not gay enough for my liking *wink*



Mind Of Mine said...

Go, it might just be funny!

Plus a bonus getting to see Eclipse!

wayner said...

That is one thing that I hated about being stuck in the closet; having to pretend around girls. And you feel so guilty if you do lead her on. Maybe you can just keep it on a friendly basis until you are off to college. It would be nice if you could confide in her that you are gay and enjoy her company as a friend, but girls are gossipers and bad at keeping secrets from their gfs so word would soon get around. I dunno; enjoy the movie!
-I would have gone to the restaurant/party just to have a good feed lol. bfn - Wayne :) (don't be a snob, there might be some hot young guys at the free beach!)

tman said...

Well, Sam... #1 lose the snobbishness... it doesn't wear well...
On the Jennifer deal- man, they are persistent, huh?? Unless you want to be totally dishonest with Jennifer, it's time to put your foot down, and politely insist that your well- intentioned family stay out of your personal life. If you don't, this will become overbearing, and, you'll never hear the end of it!!
I think you should make yourself scarce at home and get out, and hook up with some guy friends, or, lacking those, go to that free beach, and find some!! But, bottom line... It's time to assert yourself, and show your mom and the other women in your life that you have some backbone... luv, tman<3