Thursday, July 8, 2010

previous nights... not so bad!

So the past nights I've been having a good time back home :)
(surprising, eh?)

Tuesday night:
I went to a small party at my cousin's place. It was held coz he just passed the official exams. So all my cousins were there. It was kinda lame at first then my one male cousin (19 y.o) started belly dancing and inviting us to join him lol We even did the Waka Waka song and I was the one leading the song LOL (just coz I know the lyrics well)... OMW! My cousin has become a hottie! They made a few gay jokes but it was OK.

Wednesday night:
My sister's bf fetched me from home and then we took my sis from work and met up with some other friends at 2 guy friends' apartment. We watched the FIFA match at first, had some vodka and ordered food. YAY!! I am soooo happy that Spain won!! (just coz I dislike the German team lol). I was originally fan of Brazil. After the match was over.... we decided to play "truth or dare". It became quite naughty with time. Guys started taking their shirts off... lap dancing (I did that), French kissing....dirty dancing while taking clothes off. OMG OMG!!! 2 of the guys were such hotties!!! especially after they took their shirts and pants off. haha I was amazed at how liberal young people back home could get. But still... they're very homophobic! One of the guy suggested the dares should start becoming gay-style... so I was like Yay!! xD but then they just asked one guy to smack-kiss my sis' bf... and I got nothing out of it!!!! :( poor me hehe... But overall the night was fun! I totally love my sis' bf (friendship love). He's really caring... and always pays on my behalf hehe...



Phunk Factor said...

Hahahaha....seems like ur having quite a blast!!!

Jst be careful and not be too excited when something like this happens next may raise suspicion in ppl's mind!

Sam said...

I KNOWWW!!! I was so excited when 2 guys were asked to kiss... and when this girl was asked to take off that hottie's shirt... haha
(then, I directly thought about what you just said lol)

wayner said...

Now that's what I want to see; Sammy enjoying his summer! Yeah, I'm cheering for Spain too. bfn - Wayne :)

Sam said...

Yay! Thanks!