Friday, July 30, 2010

my stalker :(


Let's ramble a little first:
So two days ago, I spent almost all day long helping my parents prepare some traditional provisions. It's too much manual work and I don't know why the fuck we do it... it's not like we're saving any money by doing so but oh well... Go organic! Go traditional! And I just bought a new book that I NEED to read prior to college. They also want us to write some paper about it. I am so lazy... but I HAVE to get it over and done with.

Yesterday was gay!
I spent yesterday with Mom, older sis (Christene) and her bf (Jack) in the city. My sis and her bf are having a small shop at some festival so we went to shop for some accessories they wanna sell. I made my sister get me a toe ring (I think it's super sexy! My Chinese teacher's hottie son wears one all the time) and some black nail polish (not that I'd wear them on... but just in case something triggers it in college). I didn't tell Mom about the nail polish. My sister wanna get me some black eye liner too! My uncle saw the ring on my toe and wondered why on earth I have it on... I got so embarrassed but didn't reply to him. My dad heard him though.. At night, I went with my sis, her bf and some friends to the cinema. We finally got to watch Eclipse. I liked it but think Newmoon was better. OMG! my idk-bf does some faces that are just like Edward's... I MISS HIM TERRIBLY!!! After Eclipse was over, we sneaked into the room next to us and watched the last part of 'Sex and the City 2". I think it is VERY hilarious!! While in the car, I discussed with my sis and her bf some gay guys they know. Jack also has a bisexual friend apparently, and he was also telling us about Chris (his gay cousin) who, by the way, is hair stylist and also belly dances at some clubs. He also dances in G-string thongs for Bachelorette parties. I am so impressed that there's a really nice gay life in my home country!! haha I was discussing with Jack how gays' attraction works so I told him: "let's say you're straight and I'm gay. If I know you're straight for sure, I would never hit on you or try to do anything with you... coz I know it's not like you can convert or anything!" I am being very much my spontaneous and flamboyant self around my sister's friends. Bad Sammy, Bad!

When I got back home, I went online to check my facebook and stuff. Here's what happened:
So yesterday night, Sandra (my Bi BFF) posted on my fcb wall that she wants to talk to me urgently... but I wasn't at home so I couldn't check my fcb and get in touch with her. So as soon as she posts that, she got phone calls from my other carrier number on her cellphone... and there was some perverted guy talking to her with my home language accent... She hung up but that guy kept calling her repetitively and at VERY late hours (it was past 2:00 am). She was worried because it was my phone number... so someone is stalking her... and that someone has hacked into my number. And this is not the first time this happens to me. My idk-bf used to tell me when I was still in my boarding school that he would sometimes try to call me but some weirdo replies to him, etc. I dunno what to do... :/


Oliver said...

maybe it's just a friend playing a prank?

wayner said...

It's nice that you are having a relaxing and fun summer. Let's not have any drama to mess it up!
-I don't quite understand what you mean by 'other carrier number'. You mean someone else has a number in your name? If this is a number in your name then how can someone else call from it? I would contact the carrier and get it cancelled or changed. Where do these wackos come from that they would harass someone late at night (if I get a phone call late at night I think there is an emergency or someone has died!) I'm kind of leery of social networking sites cos I think it is a way for nefarious people to poison you or use info against you. Why is it that some people are only happy when they are causing trouble for someone else? bfn - Wayne

tman said...

You got me stumped, Sam... I had NO idea that this phone hacking was even possible... What next?? Are you getting billed for these calls?? You rewally need to talk to tech support at your carrier to straighten that out... I've never heard of this...
By the way, you're getting closer and closer to outing yourself by the sounds of be careful, kid, unless that's your intention!! luv, tman<3


Wow thats crazy. You should report it to your service provider.

Love the blog!