Monday, July 5, 2010

My Mom is gaying me up?

Yes, I do mean what I said in the title! Yesterday morning, my Mom and two sisters asked me to go to the living room and started giving me lots and lots of gifts they have been shopping for me during my absence. All gifts were clothes and accessories. I really loved every single thing they got me. What’s so weird about those gifts is that they’re all so stylish – in a gay way!
They got me new boxer briefs which are extremely colorful. Check:

They also got me bracelets, necklaces and rings (one of them is a spinning one – gay right?)

And lots of V-neck T-Shirts – VERY colorful!!! 

And a super smexy pink T-shirt…

They also got me a flashy belt, 2 pairs of slim-fit jeans (one black, the other gray), and more T-shirts and shirts (no photos, sorry)
But...What the hell, Mom? Don’t you realize how gay those stuff are?  lol
I totally love them!  Haha… Mommy is very interesting… hehe (I aint complaining lol)
Imma be so stylish at college!! Yay! xD


tman said...

hope springs eternal, I guess...luv, tman<3

Micky said...

Yeah you lucky, lucky boy!

Pete (my Partner/Lover/Other Half) buys me clothes sometimes. The odd thing is he's better at buying stuff for me than I usually am for him!


Brian said...

You sure got some nice gifts. It's great having someone buy things for you.

You didn't show much of yourself, but what you did looks good!

Phunk Factor said...

It's all so spanking gay...hahahaha....wear them all and show off, Sammy boi!!!

U luk mah-velous!!!

Eye said...

those are some NICE gifts! specially the shirt it's really awesome!

At first I thought the post was a complaint but CLREARLY it isn't!

wayner said...

Why Sammy, you didn't say that you were a hottie! Everything looks good on you; love the colourful boxer briefs and the pink t-shirt. Maybe you can gradually sneak your way out of that closet lol. Play it cool and enjoy your summer. bfn - Wayne :)

Sam said...

@ tman: thanks!! :)

@ Micky: yup! lucky!! hehe I think you should go shopping WITH Pete so you learn his skills and also get to know what he likes, etc more

@Brian: yes! Aww... I am flattered! Thanks! :)

@Phunk Factor: aww thanks!!

@ Eye: lmao... haha I try to balance complaints with gay.. i mean happy stuff lol Yeah the pinky one is cute! thanks

@ Wayne: awww... I am hottie?? hehe thanks.. thanks... (blush)

Mind Of Mine said...

I am totally dissapointed!

Sam said...

@ Mind of mine: Why?

Oliver said...

lol i think your mom knows :P

Sam said...

@ Oliver: So she's in denial???
I bet she's just ignorant... so she doesn't know! lol haha

Mind Of Mine said...

I was promised a shot of you, only wearing your new cologne :)