Sunday, July 11, 2010

MOM! Do you know I am gay?


Yesterday's beach party was shit FUN! I really enjoyed myself; drank, danced, checked out the hotties!
PS: I think two sexy girls dirty dancing with each other are so fuckin' HOT!!!
I did see 2 guys checking me out here and there (which was sooo good for my ego haha). I was wearing skinny blue jeans, a light blue checkered shirt (short sleeves) which I unbuttoned to show my white under-vest beneath. And of course I had my silver accessories complimenting my outfit... If someone had brains over there, he must have noticed I'm gay... but apparently no one dared to cum for me... I meant come* for me.
PS: I had dreams about 2 guys from the party who got physical with me... One of them invited me to his hotel room lol It was a sweet dream.. I am still very purple though :(    (if you know what I mean)

Random # 1: I went to see my GP again yesterday afternoon coz I've been sick for more than 2 weeks despite all the medicine I've taken. He gave me new antibiotics and some cough mixture then said if I don't feel better by today, I gotta get a blood test on Monday. O.Oh... I've lately smoked pot... would it show in my blood test? FML

Random # 2: Mom discovered yesterday that I shave my arm pits haha. She was surprised and asked me: "Oh Sammy... so you prefer non-hairy guys?" I wondered what she meant by that... did she hint at me liking boys or what? haha. I didn't really answer. I do prefer non-hairy guys but I just made her understand that I think saving is kinda hygienic... (in my opinion). At night, as I was getting ready for the party, I asked her to take photos of me in my fresh outfit... so I started posing (in a gay-way, as she described it)... so she asked me to stop making those seducing faces but I kept going on... so she laughed and continued taking the photos.
MOM!!!! Do you know that I am gay???

I'm chilling with the family today - some road trip then lunch...

Have a lovely Sunday y'all!


naturgesetz said...

The only way to be sure about it is to ask her what she meant by the line about non-hairy guys. Did she mean to say that she thinks you're gay? Of course this will probably result in your being out to her (unless you flat-out lie). So if you think you might as well get it over with and make it official, you might as well have the follow-up conversation.

Manu said...

i prefer hairless guys too but "C" armpits' hair turn me on :p

wayner said...

The effects from flu bugs can last for a month or more. Just eat healthy food, drink juices, and take some vitamins.
-Be careful with the drinking cos it lowers inhibitions and you may spill the beans. Keep drinking and pot smoking very moderate and occasional cos these things sneak up on you over the years and turn into addictions; they can put your education in danger. It does take self-dicipline and control.
-Don't get sucked into saying you are gay unless you are sure you are going to have support. Maybe your mom does kind of suspect you are gay but play it cool for now. bfn - Wayne :) (glad you are having a good time!)

JP said...

To be perfectly honest, I'm pretty sure she knows haha.

Sam said...

@ naturgesetz: lol nah.. I won't ask her. She'd better not know for now

@ Manu: Seriously?? haha (my idk-bf told me that too; about a guy he likes... with hairy arm-pits lol)

@ Wayne: Stupid flu bugs... I got my new meds. today and aint feeling much better. I am not that much into drinking and pot was for once and for all - just to try and see what it's like. Never again! :)
Thanks for the advice!! <3

@ JP: hahahaha O.Oh..

Phunk Factor said...

I shave my pits too...i think hairy pits are so gross....complete turn off fr me! Plus sweat tends to collect in hair....don't like that AT all!!

N ur mum's comment was freak'in funny...hahaha! Wish i cud see the seductive(Read: Funny) faces?

P.S. U seem like a kid to me....i can't imagine u being seductive! ;)

Sam said...

@ Phunck Factor: I seem like a kid??? HOW? and why can't I be seductive?

(I'm not really offended lol)