Tuesday, July 20, 2010

juicy gossip


I haven't been up to much lately so I just decided to gossip with you about a few people and stuff in my life.

My college roommate:
So I finally have one. I told him in one facebook message "I am exploring my sexuality and believe that I am Bi"  (coz my idk-bf told me saying this would be best) and I asked him  if he's got any problem with it. So  my roomie was like: "No I don't have any problem. I am exploring too. haha" So I assume he's also rainbowish although his fcb profile says he's interested in women. But he's quite spontaneous... I mean he's such a socialite and uses lots of emoticons in his chats and messages, etc. He's got this boyish look and is into anything arts-related. He sings, acts, etc. 

Jack's bro:
I forgot to mention in earlier posts that my sister's boyfriend (Jack) has a 17 year old brother who's gay. I have never met him in person but whenever I ask about him, they (my sister, her bf, Mom, etc.) always tell me that he is kinda sick and not worthy of me meeting up with him. I ask why and they're like... he's gay. By gay they mean he's fem, shy and has complexities. Yeah, these are the stereotypes they have around here. It is very sad :(

It seems like there's lotsa preparation to be done for college. And there are loads of stuff I have no idea what they are... I am friends with many fellows on facebook and sometimes they just speak of stuff and I am like: what the heck? hehe FML!! Oh and there's this book I need to read this summer before college starts and I also have a paper to write about it. I ordered the book at the library yesterday and it should come in a few days. Bleh.. I am so lazy! I am so worried about what to pack coz my clothes literally cannot fit in just two suitcases. And I need to buy a laptop and a cell phone as soon as I get to the states. What should I get?

All is ok.. no big drama for now but the usual fuss Mom has about me being online almost all the time, when we actually are at home. I keep telling Mom that I no longer wanna get married and have my own kids. She's surprised coz when I was younger I used to say I can't wait to have my own family and get 12 children :P. I also told her yesterday that I don't want to ever be back home for good coz I just don't like it in here. She got sad and was like: "What's me and your dad's fault? We also want you to be around us..." I did not know what to answer.. I just told her that I have my heart torn into many pieces atm and they will always be in my heart...

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your week!


Phunk Factor said...

Sometimes you shouldn't be honest to your parents....n this was one of those times!

Even if u felt like it, I think it was wrong to voice it! Ur parents have built this place fr you guys aka their kids....so if u don't want to come back, then they feel let-down...as if they didn't do everything they could!

Before you go back...I'd recommend you going out alone with ur mum and dad....at least do make sure u and ur mom hav an outing together away from the family!

Enjoy the summer!

wayner said...

Ok, you gotta meet your sister's bf's bro; sounds like a gay guy who needs support. And your roomie sounds very compatable; be sure to let him know that your studies come first, not partying.
-You should research some electronics stores in the USA before you get there to see who has the best deal for what you want eg Best Buy etc.
-You were a little bit brutal with your mom; maybe you shouldn't put things in absolute terms, but at least she now knows where you stand. Your country doesn't sound all THAT bad! bfn - Wayne :)

tman said...

well, Sam, I guess you let your feelings be known to mom, only you blind-sided her!! She really doesn't understand what you're saying, by the sounds of it, because she doesn't know you're gay!! So, if you say those things, even if they're true, you just make her feel bad, and, that really isn't fair!! I understand the hurt that you feel, but, I guess I'm saying that you should just let it go, until you're ready to come out... Hey, I'm a fine one to talk!! My parents still haven't had that 'talk'!! So, I know how difficult it is...
Jack's brother sounds like a potential hit, altho, how are you going to explain a relationship with a known gay kid to your parents?? Unless you are REALLY good at the clandestine stuff!! Naww!! Not with your sister nearby...
Your future roomie sounds like fun... Try to keep that on the up and up, if you can... There's NOTHING worse than a jilted lover that you HAVE to see, whether you want to, or not!! lol luv, tman<3

Sam said...

@ Phunk Factor:
o.oh... you definitely make sense! I'm gonna work something out - private outing or so..

@ Wayne:
I have no idea how I can meet up with him. They always make it seem like he's some psycho who needs to remain isolated. I ask them to bring him along when we all go out together and they always come up with an excuse: "He's too young" "He aint fun" "He's weird" etc.
Yeah, my roomie and I will have a good balance.
Thanks for the research tip! :)
I will try to be more subtle with Mom from now on. Yeah, maybe my country aint THAT bad if I had more freedom and my OWN car (and cash) lol

@ Tman:
mhmm... you're right about Mom and all. I gotta be more considerate. Thanks! :)
Nah... Jack's bro can't be a potential hit. I aint that desperate lol and he doesn't sound like my type of guys, if you know what I mean. (No offense though)
hahaha... I WON'T fall in love with my roomie. (Well, I hope not) haha