Friday, July 16, 2010

I want a girlfriend

So yeah:
These days I am always going out with my older sis and her friends... and most of them are hooked up. I walk around and I am like the only single guy around which aint cool. I feel lonely although all people like me and I can flirt quite well with the girls, making their boys jealous haha... Oh, my sister's BFF told me yesterday that she loves the way I dance. Yay! xD She also told this other girl we met about how humorous I am.

Random: Mom asked me today to show her the photos from my last trip. So amongst the photos she saw some photos of me posing with my idk-bf. She told me he's handsome... yet all she knows about him is that he's my host brother haha

Besides, this guy called Mark has added me on facebook since I just got back home. He's friends with my Bi BFF Sandra and he is GAY!!! He said he's seen photos of me on facebook and thought I am cute which is why he added me. He's 17 and  plans on moving to London after high school. We chatted a bit now and then on msn. He asked me if I am gay but I told him 'No, I am straight so far' and made him laugh. I didn't come out to him coz I do not plan to be out in my country. He lives like 5 minutes drive, away from my summer house. We shared phone numbers today and he invited me to go clubbing down town with him tonight in a gay club (the only cool gay club in my country lol). But I told him I can't go... Well, firstly because I gotta take a cab back and forth (which I don't really enjoy - I am snobbish, you know) and secondly coz I kinda need to meet him in person first... before actually clubbing with him. I hope he aint pissed at me lol. Imma try to plan on us meeting up soon... Should I come out to him or not?

I am going to my grannies now with my family and all... A boring night that could have been substituted with partying at a gay bar... Oh well... Sammy gotta be sweet, nice and kind with his family! lol
Yay for bonding with the family! FML hahaha

Thanks for reading!


tman said...

hey gay/bi/str8 boy!! lol You really need to make better arrangements with Mark!! You're letting him slip thru your fingers!! Why didn't you just tell him that you would have loved to go somewhere with him, but, your family wouldn't understand the gay clubbing?? Now, what's he to think?? You don't have to directly answer the 'gay' question, even if someone asks you, outright!! Be prepared with humorous (I'd be lucky to have anybody, gay or not!!) responses, to elusive (I haven't had enough time to really figure that one out, yet... why do you ask??) responses... Don't burn your bridges...luv, tman<3

Sam said...

hmmm... You're right Tman! You're dead right! Imma try to befriend Mark in a better way. PS: He's kinda hot lol

Thanks! :)

wayner said...

Perhaps you can get to know Mark first and let him know that you want to be discreet about your sexuality because of your situation. If Mark is known to be gay and you are seen with him quite often this might be a problem, but you don't have to admit anything to anybody. It would be nice to have a gay friend in your home town. Remember to keep safe sex in mind and discuss this with prospective partners. It sounds like you are having an interesting summer! bfn - Wayne :)

Sam said...

Thanks Wayne! I'll try to meet up with Mark soon and see how things turn out... my summer aint as bad as I thought, hey! lol