Monday, July 26, 2010

I wanna be a Dad!

Good day y’all!

I am so random, I know!! But I am not gonna change so you better enjoy my randomness haha. I usually say that to all the new friends I make and they usually like me just the way I am. Anyway, so I was watching the Oprah show yesterday afternoon and it was about single fathers. (Have you seen it before? It’s a re-run) It was extremely touching and made me remember the times in my childhood when I used to tell myself that I cannot wait to be a father and have some dozen of children. I do enjoy taking care of others and like be in charge of their lives, education and activities, etc. However, ever since I started accepting my difference (not being straight), I’ve kinda stopped wanting to be a father one day, mainly because I kinda thought that kids need both a father AND a mother for their healthy development and growth. Oprah also ninterviewed two married gay guys who have adopted 3 kids and they seemed to be like the best parents one can ever have (as their kids said). They had this really ncie house and they are both quite successful (a famous writer and a famous painter – I can’t remember their names) . So this couple made me rethink about myself and how I wanna conduct my life in the future. For now I believe that I DO want to end up in one committed relationship (officially married or not, depending on the situation) with a partner I truly love and care about (mutually). And yes, I think I want us to have kids – of course not a dozen though. I REALLY hope I can achieve this!! *sigh*

Besides, I spent yesterday with the family and we’ve seen a couple of relatives here and there. My parents allowed me to drive for some decently long distance and so I was happy. One aunt made a random comment about my look and she asked me “Oh you still enjoy putting accessories and such?” coz I was wearing my usual necklaces, bracelets (pink and white) and 3 rings. She even asked me how come I didn’t get an earring yet. HAHA. I told her that I’d love to but my parents would kill me. A second degree cousin came over from Canada and she offered to meet up with me as I move to college in the states. She even invited me to visit them for Xmas. So Yay! I might see Canada soon! (:
My younger sister, Michelle (15 y.o) left for a scouts’ camp for a week. I’m gonna miss her coz she’s the one with whom I get along the most. We gossip and act silly together although she sometimes annoys me :P And I offer to do her photoshooting sessions now and then. I gave her a Lady Gaga look 2 days ago haha it was so funny!! I think Michelle is Bisexual coz she can be quite tomboyish at times and has some crazy crush over Rihanna. She does make offensive comments about lesbian girls sometimes but I think this is only due to the environment in which we live and how it shapes our homophobic mentality. I am trying lately to make her respect people for who they are and I kinda make comments now and then about how it’s OK to be gay, lesbian, or bi because it really is NOT a choice. I hope it’s working…

Random: My older sis got Eclipse on DVD but am finding it hard to watch it coz Edward reminds me so much of my idk-bf. (Yeah! He's THAT hot hehe)... Bleh FML

Random: As we were in the car yesterday, my younger brother James (11 y.o) took my wallet and started looking in it. He took out a condom from it and started asking me what is it? He was so loud!! I got so agitated and embarrassed so I grabbed it from him and hid it back in my wallet saying that it’s a wrap of stamps coz I usually keep them in my wallet as a collection. I was so worried that my parents would have seen it or something but thank God they didn’t pay too much attention. It was just a week ago that I’ve decided to keep a condom on me all the time (my idk-bf asked me to do so).

I hope you guys have enjoyed a fabulous weekend and I hope you have a pleasant week!


Brian said...

Very interesting post.

wayner said...

I think in the future if you are with a committed partner, that raising kids is definitely an option. Keep in mind that you will be in college for another 4 or 5yrs and the big picture will become clearer over this time. It sounds like you have a wonderful family (and we all have our flaws). If you want to defend homosexuality without drawing suspicion on you, it is best to say that people elsewhere have different attitudes about gays and it is not a big deal. Putting down gays is becoming uncool.
-BTW, be sure to put a fresh condom in your wallet every couple of weeks cos they can deteriorate. bfn - Wayne :)

Sam said...


Manu said...

emm sam, putting a condom in yout wallet is the WORST thing you can do, if you keep it there there's a big chance it will brake, better to have it in your poket!

Sam said...

PS: It's not like I'm gonna use this condom... it just boost my sex appeal, u know? lol

tman said...

OMG... 11 year old bros never change, huh?? lol Well, that would have been an eyeopener for mom, no??
I like the fact that you apply gentle pressure, as a big brother, when Michelle makes those comments- that's the best way for her to learn, and, you're doing your duty as her big brother... Outstanding!!
I have never seen that Oprah show, but then, I've only seen her show a few times, over all the years she's been on... I work during those hours, anyways... But, in my own life, I know some committed gay couples with kids... Oner couple(2 guys) decided to adopt a boy with autism... That, is true love!! He requires so much care and constant attention, I don't know how they cope, tbh..
Another couple (women) adopted a young Chinese girl, who is so cute, it just melts your heart!! Then, this winter, they adopted a sister for her... They all seem very happy...
I see no reason, Sam, that you can't do the same, someday...It will take preparation and money tho, so, work hard, and get a good job, if you are going to be responsible for the welfare of little ones.
Well, Sam, I enjoyed the randomness of your post tonight!! It was interesting and thoughtful!! Thanks for taking the time, kid!! luv, tman<3