Sunday, July 4, 2010

I LOVE my sister and her boyfriend

My older sister Christene (20 y.o) is THE best and her boyfriend Jack is also very sweet and kind. When I just traveled back home and entered my room I found gifts from them on my bed. My sis got me the latest Hugo Boss perfume box and her bf got me a nice pinky red shirt which I really liked. Jack also called me first day of my come back and invited me out yesterday with my sis and some friends of theirs. We went to this restaurant by the beach. We were literally sitting ON the sand with the waves caressing the rocks next to our table. I really loved the atmosphere although the food wasn’t that good lol. Jack was pissed coz of the bad service and crappy food – he’s pissed coz he really looks up to me and wanted to take me out to a really fancy place so he kept apologizing on our way back. Tonight my sister came back home with food take away from Burger King lol Jack bought it for me…  hehe xD

I also went yesterday morning with my sis shopping for gifts for Jack coz she’s preparing a Birthday surprise party for him next week – it’s gonna be super duper! We requested a special Bday cake and also got them pink n blue t-shirts on which my sis wants me to paint funny stuff for them (will tell u about that later). I am invited for the party – it’s gonna take place at this fancy resort and its gonna be a beach party, babeh! I am so excited lmao FML

GUYS!! Stay tuned coz tomorrow I’ll be posting photos of gifts I just got!! Some parts of my body might show in them too! ;) hehe



Phunk Factor said...

Awwww....that's so great!!! Have loads of fun at the totally deserve it after the few rough days that u went thru!

Mind Of Mine said...

Will it be you just wearing your perfume.

wayner said...

Sounds great and I'm glad things are mellowing out more. I remember your blogs about all the school slavery so enjoy your vacation. bfn - Wayne :)

Eye said...

cant wait for the "oh what an awesome (gift) and I think thats his knee!!"

Sam said...

Thanks :)
It will only me wearing the perfume... and maybe any cute dude who asks for some (off me) ;) lol