Saturday, July 10, 2010

FAIL haha

PS: I know the new look sucks and is Yuk! will fix it with time ;)


I'm so bored... yet Mom keeps nagging when she sees me online for so long... and she takes the laptop away from me at nights.. so I don't stay up late. FML. I am not a baby ffs...

Anywayz... so I did end up going out with my older sis (Christene) and her friends yesterday night. We went to this resto-pub and we were alone there.. kinda exclusive haha. It was not so bad. I wore purple coz I am very sexually frustrated right now... My sis and her bf kept making out and dirty dancing... I would have ripped both of them hahahaha

Tonight is the beach party my sis has been organizing for her boyfriends' birthday. There will be like 40-50 people invited to that fancy resort and we should be partying hard. I know very few of the invitees. They're all my sis and her bf's friends. Reminder: I have NO friends in my home country... FML. I kinda got used to this though... I don't like being in my country anyway... so it's OK.

I just tried to pimp my blog layout but I don't like the outcome. I think I will keep fixing it as time comes by. I tried to update it a little so to reflect how I've become:

  • Construction background coz I am still exploring myself.. 
  • Title: Confused with a question mark coz I don't think I have the right to call myself confused anymore. I know for a fact that I like BOYS!! haha (who doesn't, eh? :P)
  • The quote by Winston Churchill  kinda reflects my ambitious attitude and how I'd like to conduct my life...


wayner said...

I think the layout is refreshing and upbeat. (I keep getting a Javascript running slowly popup though) And yeah, staying at your parents' place means you are still treated like a kid no matter how old you are lol. That is why children can hardly wait to be out on their own. You motto and your reasons are all right on! Hey, there might be some closet guys at those parties so keep your eyes open. bfn - Wayne :)

Mind Of Mine said...

I actually like the lay out. Its bold.

Micky said...

I suppose your mum loves you and that's why she's (still) trying to look after you. It probably won't stop even if you move out, you know. She'll be round making sure you've cleaned the sink and the toilet properly and that you're eating enough fruit and veg.

Oh, and you are changing your underpants often enough, aren't you dear?

You love her though, really, don't you?

Sam said...

Thank y'all!

@ Wayne: I am sure there are lotsa closeted guys over there ;)

@ Mikcy: muahaha... yeah, that's so much like my Mommy... I do love her indeed! :) But oh well.. such are parents.