Thursday, July 15, 2010

Encounter with a fuck buddy


I'm gonna ramble a bit then tell you about my encounter... If you wanna just read that, then scroll down and read what's in red. Yesterday I went shopping with Mom and my younger Bro (11 y.o) from 9 am to 9 pm. I got cute stuff; a pinkish red pair of shorts, new Vans shoes - black n white (skeletons' theme) and also brought all my winter clothes from our winter house. I need to sort out the stuff I need to pack for college. Mom was cool although she asks me from time to time to be more manly... ffs.. she must get that I am gay lol. Look... it's not like I'm very fem but am definitely not the typical macho she would expect to have in my country... whatever... I aint gonna change nor pretend to be who I am not  (the way I used to do before).

Today I went out since morning with my older sis (Christene) and her bf (Jack).  We went up to this catholic monastery for prayers and stuff... Some more friends met us there too. In the afternoon we went to the this resort where we swam a little and enjoyed the jacuzzi. It was calm and my sis kept being affectionate with her bf. I AM SO DAMN PURPLE!! (sexually frustrated)

So here's the exciting part:
As we finished and went to shower... I decided to check out the Turkish Bath room (extremely steamy room similar to sauna). So I went there and then 2 separate guys came in. They both made my gaydar spin. We talked here and then and it was kinda cool. It was so damn hot but I wanted to stay, hoping some gay stuff might take place. Later... the hunk one left and I stayed with the twink. The twink went out for a cold shower and got back, and asked me if I'd go with him so I did. We started talking even more... but he did not give me much ''wanna have gay fun'' hints so I gave up and left. I went to the showers and when I got back to the main hall where guys change clothes I saw the hunk around and he kept checking me out. He told me he has a back-ache and wanna go back to the Turkish Bath room which was directly in front of the changing hall where I was sitting. I was still in my towel by then and so I was eye-ing him as he strolled in front of me. He passed in front of me, looked me in the eyes then entered the glass door to go inside the Turkish bath room. He knew I was looking at him, so he took off his swimming shorts (behind the glass door) and went in... I wondered whether this was an invitation for me to follow him (when we were all three together there, we were all in our shorts - not naked). I believed that he had given me a lot of hints that he's gay and wants me... so I got my gut and followed him to the Turkish bath room. I was soooooooooo shy and my legs were trembling lol So I tried to open the door but it was locked. He saw me from inside and unlocked the door. I put my head in and asked him.. Oh you've lowered the temperature. He was like.. yeah! He was alone, laying all naked with his swimming shorts thrown around his belly... I couldn't really see his cock but stillhe was damn HAWT!!  I tried to converse with him a little and asked him random stuff but I was too shy to go in or do anything so I left. He was looking at me lustfully but I just did not know how to react. OMG! He was sooooooooo hot! I really wanted to give him a nice blow job that would take him to paradise... But I controlled my horniness and went back to finish changing and getting into my clothes. A minute later, he went out strolled by me and took a cold shower in front of me. We kept looking at each other: him in the open showers room and me on my changing chair. Then he came close to me, wanting to go back to the steamy Turkish room. Then I stopped him for a convo. Here's what we said:

Me: So How's your back ache?
Hunk: Still there... meh! I so wish it would go away!!
Me: hmm.. the steam aint helping, eh? Maybe you need some massage..
Hunk: True, hey! But the spa is closed.
Me: hmm... maybe you can ask a friend of yours to massage you?
Hunk: Nah.. not anyone can give a good massage.
Me: True.. A bad masseur might make you worse.
Hunk: Can you massage me?
Me: I aint that good...
Hunk: aww...

And then he looked at me for a few seconds but I didn't say a word. What should I have done? I was shy (yet very horny lol)!! He gave me a final glance and went back inside the steam. I felt so dumb for being shy and suppressing myself. I am really sexually frustrated and such an opportunity doesn't come twice(well at least not in my environment) . But bleh FML I didn't wanna be promiscuous... plus maybe he aint gay... and I just got bad signals? What ya think?

Thanks for reading!
Horny yet Shy Sam


tman said...

lol... they weren't bad signals, Sam... just signals you weren't ready to act on.... And, really, you are probably better off to play it cool... I'm sure the guy was hot, and all, and IMHO gay, or very horny, at least..But, you know NOTHING about this guy, or his past, or if he's promiscuous and carrying some disease or another.... You would be far better off, restricting any activity to less aggressive guys, or at least, don't engage in anything beyond massages and mutual masterbation until you know more about a guy... be safe is your #1 priority, kid!! Have fun, the clothes sound cute, and gay, and yeah, she might know, but doesn't want to go there, yet... lol luv, tman<3

Phunk Factor said...

His signals were on spot but you didn't act on them...which is a good thing if u ask me...because you happen to be the mayor's could have gotten really messy if the guy was a jerk!!

wayner said...

I told you there are bound to be some semi-closeted gay guys in your area! If you had gone further with him maybe you could have had some fun; but was there enough privacy so you wouldn't get caught? You might catch him around again. bfn - Wayne :O (your blog is living up to the 'content' warning lol)

Oliver said...

"Can you massage me?" translates to "Let's make sweet passionate love to each other." Maybe next time! (Then again, you know nothing about the guy so maybe it's for the best...)

Sam said...

@ tman: Thanks man! Yeah.. playing safe was kinda the number one reason for which I did not do anything at all with the dude...

@ Phunk factor: yup... well, I do think he was a jerk lol His looks spoke lustfulness and bad-ass-ness :P

@ Wayne: Yeah, the Turkish bath steamy room was private enough; just the two of us and the door could be locked from inside.
haha.. I am a pervert?

@ Oliver: haha... yeah, man! let's hope it was for the best.. oh I wish I could go there again and meet him. I would have responded: I aint that good, but would love to try... ;)

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