Saturday, July 24, 2010

Decent gay life in my home country! :)


I’ve been very lazy lately. My mom still fusses about me staying up late at night online. She woke up two nights ago and saw me online at 3:00 am and she was VERY angry. She sweared that this coming month she will make our internet subscription limited – as in, capped per day!! And this is really VERY little. I hope she changes her mind coz otherwise I’d be skrewed very much!

I went yesterday night to the mall with my sis, her bf (Jack) and some other friends. We wanted to watch Eclipse but it was already started by the time we reached there so we decided to postpone it for some other time. Instead we sat in the food court and ate. It was quite interesting coz most friends are fun and funny. However I got irritated when my sis brought up the topic of Rihanna’s bisexuality (having seen Te amo’s music video – check it out by clicking here ). So yeah, my sis Christene thinks that being gay or bi is gross and she was offending Rihanna. But I didn’t let her go on with that and made it clear to her that she MUST respect people’s different sexual orientations. All of her friends agreed with me. Yay! Something VERY interesting happened on our way back home. Jack decided to pass by his cousin’s place to say Hi since we were in the vicinity. So we stopped and saw the cousin (Chris) sitting on the balcony with his mother, 2 sisters and a random dude in a pink T-shirt. Both Chris and that guy in pink made my gaydar spin. Chris came over and greeted us. He kissed Jack on his cheeck and they started talking. My gaydar spinned harder as I heard his voice. He was well fit, tanned and good looking – with some tatoo on his upper arm. My sister gave me a weird look and she started discussing with her othr girl friend (also with us in the car) whether Chris or that othr guy is cuter. I asked “Who’s that dude in pink?” My sister said “He’s Chris’ friend” and she got a smirk as she looked at her girl friend. I got intrigued and so I got the gut and asked: “Is he his friend… or his boyfriend?” So they giggled… and then I asked them to elaborate more on that. They told me that yeah, he’s gay and has a bf who always comes over to his place and ALSO sleeps over. 

I asked Jack if Chris’ mother knows that he’s gay; he told me “He’s not out to her but am sure she kinda knows… or at least suspects. But she is in denial.” I was so happy to have had this encounter. Gay guys are there and they’re doing gay stuff!!! Haha I am finding it interesting how Jack has both a gay cousin and a gay brother. Hmm… As we left, my sister started making silly comments about what a shame it is that such a good looking guy is gay so I opposed her and told her that she’s got a bad mentality. Jack joined me to kinda support what I said and told her that she should be more respectful and understanding. Nah! I won’t come out to him. What’s the need, anyway?

I was chatting with Mark today and he told me that he’s going for a date tonight with a gay guy he met on some gay dating site, a month back. He showed me a photo of the dude. He’s this hairy and buff 28 year old.  (Mark is only 17 by the way). I am worried about Mark but I just IM-ed with him and he said the’ve met at Starbucks and so far everything is alright. I still need to meet up in person with this Mark. So yeah… as Wayne told me; my country aint THAT bad afterall. 

I loafed at home the whole day today and did absolutely nothing productive or fun. My mom has a terrible migraine and I’m trying to service her: ice on her head, some massage now and then. She’s in excructiating pain :/ She doesn’t deserve this!! Any tips, please?

Have a great weekend!


Phunk Factor said...

Something is better than none, if you ask me....though i expected ur sis to be a lil understanding since Jack has a gay brother!

N while i'm all fr u supporting and raising ur voice fr LGBT, don't get too involved n emotional when these talks may raise a few antennas, if u kno what i mean!

And about Mark, they could be meeting fr a date...other stuff happens later...i hope! Bt it's a sweet tht ur concerned! N personally, I believe gays tend to over-think situations at times!

Best of Luck....seems like ur having a great summer!

tman said...

Well, I was going to say to work on your mom a bit, until she sweetens up, and then, I read your last paragraph... So, that catering to her should improve your position!! lol
I don't know whether the guy that Mark is going out with is nice or not, but, what would be wrong with him hanging out in a group setting for the 1st few dates, just to be cautious??
I'm glad you took a stand on the respect thing with your sister!! Listen, she doesn't have to know that you are speaking from personal experience, yet...Just be firm and resolute- you are, after all, a college boy, now!! You should be expected to have strong, educated opinions on social issues like this, and, it serves you well, down the road, when you finally feel comfortable to come out to your family...
Oh, and, you are really refining your gaydar, no?? lol... Don't forget that gay people exist, as a percentage of population, in every country on earth, even if some really repress it!! So, you are definitely not alone, Sam, wherever you go!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

I'm siding with your mother about staying up that late online. Although it is fun to stay up late occasionally, be sure to keep regular sleeping hours so you get 8-9hrs each night; proper regular sleep is very important to your well-being.
-Your gadar is really getting fine-tuned lol. You can spot the hotties a mile away. It sounds like your sis's bf has some gay relatives that you should get to know; how to do this without drawing suspicion to yourself? It may require some deftness. Anyway Sam enjoy your lazy summer cos you deserve it, and don't out yourself accidentally before you get off to college! bfn - Wayne :)

Manu said...

" I believe gays tend to over-think situations at times!" lol phunk you're right hahaha but is because we have to protect ourselves...

Luck with Mark don't let him go away