Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beach, bitch!


I went to the beach today with my parents and my younger brother. Our neighbors also went with us. Oh I gotta tell you a bit about them. So they are these semi French people and they've been married for like 15 years but have no children. They are very close to my family coz we kinda make them feel part of our family and we know how to add meaning to their boring life (I really am NOT exaggerating this now). I think the guy is gay though :P Well.. maybe that's why he couldn't impregnate his wife. Excuse my dark humor but am saying this coz he kinda likes my uncle a bit too much!! Anyway, so they treat me and my siblings like their kids sometimes. They're kinda wealthy but do not spend much on us... well they do a bit but not as much as I would have hoped :P I might be mentioning them again in future posts so that's why I'm giving you guys a bit of background lol

Anyway, so our neighbors left early and I stayed with my family members (minus my sisters) and we kinda bonded well. It was sweet. I hope my parents were really as happy as they looked. I realized today that I have kinda changed a lot indeed. For instance, I really talk VERY little. I also do not talk much with my family... It's weird and I can't help it. I guess maybe it's better for me to remain silent coz it's being hard for me to hide my gayness when I speak... I don't know how to explain this. Bleh! FML Silence is best sometimes, eh? Mom kept asking me about whether I has a gf today and I told her I have none. She was like: "I can't believe you could survive without being affectionate..." lol Oh and we've discussed whether I could get my nose job. She said not this summer coz my break is short and I need more than just a month to recover and all. She promised that she'll allow me to get the plastic surgery next summer break coz then I might be at home for 2-3 months which should be enough. I'll be paying for the surgery from my own savings. I really don't think my nose is THAT ugly. I really think I am hot the way I look right now but am such  a perfectionist. Oh well... But I really  wanted to get the nose job before college so that the new people Imma meet know me with that look from the start. What ya think?
Oh, I've got a nice tan today. It's very slight but I like it; Imma go to the beach again tomorrow so then my tan would be just perfect!

I really love checking guys out as they go out of the swimming pool or rise up in the water as they get closer  and closer to the sea shore. Their "ding dong" is often semi-awake (hehe) with the swimming suit sticking on their bodies *sigh* I enjoy imagining how they'd look if... [you know what I mean] haha
OMG I am such a perv, eh? (blush) but I was a good boy today (just coz the beach resort we went to didn't have saunas or Turkish steam rooms haha)

Random: I was thinking today that I think I'm into older guys lol Well... I really do not mind having an affair with guys aged between 25-35 if they're hot! I would really prefer having a boyfriend who's in the same age group as me but I DO think that older guys can arouse me well well! Anything wrong with that?


Manu said...

I kinda understand about you and your family I can't wait to see them again yet I don't want to... Cuase they always ask things i'm not willing to answer nor I know the answer :o

Best of lucks...

Brian said...

Can't judge your nose without seeing it. Sure sounds like a lot of trauma to go through if it doesn't really need it.

tman said...

Wow, Sam... did I tell you I was 34 1/2 years old?? lol
Well, I didn't lie... I WAS 34 1/2 years old at one point... sigh... Hey, I don't know what to say about the nose... I don't have a button nose (I guess that's the ideal, huh??), but, I never considered it a really important matter... It never got in the way... I never tipped over because of it... Oh, and I can smell things like a bloodhound!! So, it's all good, I guess...
Hey Sam, you gotta tell me what constitutes a 'semi French' person... You really got me wondering here...
Oh, and, on the family inquisition thing... Boy, does that ring a bell !!--- I remember my 14 year old meltdown, after going thru the same questioning, at the family dinner table... That, was one of the few meals, growing up, that I never finished. Very hurtful, and very frustrating, as well... Still, I was 14, so, the best I could come up with was, "I wish everyone would just leave me alone!!" Like I didn't already feel alone, anyways... Oh well, I guess that's just the way it goes! As long as you're in the closet, you can't be honest about really fundamental things. It breaks my heart. I love you, Sam!! tman<3

wayner said...

Your country can't be all that bad if it has a nice beach handy lol. You should try and talk with your family more; just try and steer the conversation away from sexuality and girls lol; just say that you want to enjoy your freedom.
-Nothing wrong with getting a little adjustment to your nose; it is a routine operation these days. Make sure you have a surgeon with a good reputation. But it would be nice if you had a month off after the operation. Keep any cosmetic surgery understated; you don't want to end up looking like Michael Jackson lol. But it should be healed up nicely after 3wks.
-You're not a perv lol! I don't think there is any such thing as perversion with consensual sex; it is just a bigoted word that str8 or prudish people use. All males are turned on by visual sexual stimuli; you're a perfectly normal gay guy! bfn - Wayne :) (I love bulges too!)

Sam said...

@ Manu: HUGS

@ Brian: you're right... but I think I'd feel better about myself if I get the nose job. We'll see...

@ Tman: haha love knows no age, eh? ;) By semi-French I mean that they're half French coz they have dual citizenship. Am I making sense?
<3 ya too!

@ Wayne:
haha! Well, Imma try talking to them more! ;) I definitely don't wanna end up like the KING MJ, may he rest in peace (I love him). You're right about how it's become such a routine operation these days. I have 2 cousins (my age) who have done it last month.
I am not a perv! Yay! haha