Monday, June 28, 2010

"nothing is to be feared, only understood "

  Wayne just reminded me of this above quote by Mme Curie and so I though I should do a very quick post to send my dearest regards to y'all at blogworld.

I hope you're all doing great this time of the year... I assume everybody must be on some form of summer holiday (in the northern hemisphere) or at least having a nice time with all the World Cup heat and whatnot. lol. I, personally am doing FANTASTIC!! Life has never been this great in my entire existence :) I am done with High School and its stress for good and am on summer holidays before moving to college - one of the best colleges in the entire world! I am still traveling around and enjoying my rainbow-self before being back home. I am sooo out of the closet at the moment coz all my current pals are co cool to embrace me and my fun attitude. I've been having so much fun lately; just turned 19 (my Birthday was a few days back) so I better be as crazy as possible this year since I am soon gonna be out of the teenage-hood (sob.. sob..)

Oh and I have finally been to gay clubs!! Yay! xD (I will tell you about my naughty adventures there soon!) and I am being sexual as well with my idk-bf! He's sooooooo caring and loving. I am so lucky to have him although we gotta go our separate ways soon (coz of fuckin' stupid distance) but Oh well - "c'est la vie" (such is life).

Oh and btw, I have found a roommate for college - will tell you about that later. And my Mom is already annoying me about my sexuality although I am not bak home yet - I will complain about that to you later (once I am back home and super irritated) lol

OMG OMG OMG There are waaaaay too many stuff to talk to you about but I have very limited internet access at the moment. I will hopefully find time to blog more constantly by next week coz Imma be back home at the end of this week. I have no idea how to be back to the closet now -- straight-looking me gotta get back to the closet as I'm going back home for these 2 months.... FML 
Wish me luck!!!

Love ya mucho! Take care and email me or comment on my posts coz I'm gonna be back to this blog world vewy vewy soon! yay! xD



Brian said...

Wow! It’s great to read such a positive post. It sounds like your life is just going great at the moment. And you’ve got the college adventure just ahead of you. A belated Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your last year of being a teenager. It sounds like we will have some interesting posts to read when you get back, looking forward to them.

wayner said...

You deserve a nice vacation after a tough school year; of course there is a time for R&R and a time for work and responsibility. Although we all miss the teen years, you will enjoy the freedom that you get in your twenties (and also the freedom to mess up if you are not careful!). I hope you can work out the sexuality thing ok when you get back home; you know your situation best but be calm and firm. Sometimes coming out is a gradual process; some teens just come out to their mother and not the father or vice versa. Or maybe tidy up the closet until you are through college lol. I can sense the relief you feel being with your gay friends, of being yourself. Keep your cool when you get home. bfn - Wayne :) (I'm having a nice summer too.)

tman said...

Hey, Sam.... I figured that you were out there, having the time of your life!! I'm happy to hear that the college thing worked out, and you're psyched about your choice!! That's a relief, no?? lol
Heading back home for the rest of the summer is going to be a different experience, but, I'm sure, good too... Just don't forget to wash the rainbow colors out of your hair, before you land!! lol Enjoy yourself, kid-- you deserve it, after all the hard work.... luv, tman<3

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, old timer!!!! lol

Phunk Factor said...

WOW!!! I'm glad your having a good time....ur last few weeks were kind of depressing...hope ur siblings are doing great now!!

Enjoy the summer!!!