Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation, Coming out, Making out, End of school, etc.


I miss you all so so so much! Thanks for being around and reading my blog and being supportive all the time. I have 50 followers at the moment. YAY!!! XD Thanks a lot!
Welcome to all the new followers. Hope I don't bore you lol

OK so I had my graduation ceremony this past Saturday and it went super well. It actually DID meet my expectations (which were very low coz I kinda hated my school at very many instances throughout these 2 years). So grad was nice and fancy... although we didn't have much of a fun prom or party... coz my boarding school suck like that. But I won't complain coz I'll get to live THE life, party, drink, have fun as soon as I leave campus. Senior summer should be fun... and college is gonna be a blast! (I hope).

Besides, I came out to Mike (bestest guy friend) yesterday night. He received it VERY VERY well... I love him! It's such a pity that we're not gonna be together anymore (coz school is over and we're going our separate ways) but I wanna keep in touch with him and might meet up with him while in the US for college.

I was sitting in the dark TV room today, watching '500 days of summer' with Mary and Mike. And then they started making out... so passionately!!! All three of us are VERY close friends... and it's not like they have feelings for each other. But they have both recently broken up with their respective bf and gf so you can imagine... We talked about what they did once it was over... and I begged them not to feel awkward nor weird about it. We are close buddies and so should we remain. My theory is that people can make out, even if they're only friends, when it feels right.

However, being this close to them (on the same couch) while they were making out made me feel so so empty. I also felt very lonely and sexually frustrated (if you know what I mean lol).. But my idk-bf has not been around lately and this makes me feel ever emptier. Bleh, FML... I don't know how to feel. We've both been very busy lately and so we haven't been in touch much. I miss him - as a good friend before anything else.

I am leaving school for good in 2 days and I am NOT looking forward to it AT ALL! I am gonna miss it so much... despite the sad moment I had in here. I am also gonna miss Mary, Mike and a few others like hell... I hate having friends all over this globe and not being able to be with them in close proximity all the time. Life sucks... Imma miss Mike and Mary so so so so so much! :(

Take care, good people!


Anonymous said...

I think it's rude for ppl to make out right in front of you.

Mind Of Mine said...

I agree that it was very rude for them to just start making out in front of you.

I feel relieved for you that your best friend Mike took it so well.


wayner said...

That is so great; the graduation and all. I guess your exams went well and Mike is ok with sexuality so there is hope for the future. Yeah they shouldn't have a make-out session unless you have a partner too, but that is lust for you lol.
-There is one thing that sucks about the modern age; that we move around so much! Just when you make some good friends then you lose them. Hundreds of years ago, most people spent their whole lives in a small area and knew and kept friends for life. Today, even friends in your own neighbourhood seem to be gone after a few years. One must keep up the effort to find new acquaintances.
-It's nice that you will be able to get back to see your family and get some much-needed relaxation. If they put the heat on you about girls just say that you want to enjoy your freedom for now (and check out the closet guys in the neighbourhood lol). You should also consider over the summer the kind of employment you want university to lead to. Great to hear from you. bfn - Wayne :) (get into an exercise routine this summer!)

tman said...

Hey, Sam...
Congrats on your graduation, kid!! I guess you're in that bittersweet time, now... half way between wanting to move on, and then, not wanting to leave your friends behind...
I'm glad that you're so forgiving of your hormone- driven friends... Personally, I don't have much patience for that kind of thing, but, I guess they must have an understanding with you, no? If not, then, I would consider it quite rude... lol I would have probably told them to get a hotel room, but then, none of my friends have done similar stuff while I was sitting on the same couch!!
I'm glad to hear that Mike was supportive as well... Now, on to your future, young man!! I know that you'll do well... luv, tman<3hugs2

Eye said...

Interesting... My graduation ceremony is next week and I also came out to my best guy friend (2 days ago). Interesting timing...

And while it's kinda weird, I also think kisses are just kisses, they can mean A LOT or they can mean nothing... people give too much importance to them.


D@vid @ndrew Del@cruz said...
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