Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good Bye for now

Happy Sunday!

Hope you're all doing well.

First, a few things to wrap up:

- Today are the elections in my hometown. I am confident my father will get most of the votes. Good luck Daddy, anyway!

- OMG! Mr. Neo just knocked on my door. He gave me my folder back with the banana on top of it. He had no facial expressions whatsoever... Ouch! "Thank you very much, Sir!!" is all I could say... :$

- By the way, Neo said I should come out to Mike (my best male friend). I know he'd be cool about it; especially that he probably suspects and has been pressurizing me to tell him about who is this person I am in love with and constantly chatting with.... I dunno if I'll do it. Maybe if something triggers it soon.

- I miss Charlie like hell!

- My younger sister and brother escaped from a huge car accident. A miracle must have happened. The car they were in is totally fucked up and they are feeling terrible... Thanks God for their survival!  Mom starts crying every 5 minutes. Please pray for my siblings and their friends so they recover soon.

Ok, here we go about my title:

I am on study leave for one week and must revise all the material I've been studying for the 2 year A-Level syllabus. I don't think I can do it. I might die meanwhile. My first exam starts on May 10th and the last one is on June 10th. So one month of hell is about to start.
I should get focused and plan something out to meet my exams well prepared. I must be well organized... sleep earlier than usual and sleep well... then get plenty of study hours during the day and whatnot. So I might be slow on blogging and won't blog as constantly as before.


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Take care!

Imma go to the battle field and nail those exams down!


Phunk Factor said...

Best of Luck fr ur pprs, Sam!! N as many past papers are you can!!

And Thank God ur siblings survived the!

Old Midhurstian said...

Very best of luck for your exams and best wishes for your siblings' recovery


tman said...

I'll say a prayer for your family, Sam, but it sounds like they had God on their side in the accident and were very fortunate to get out of it without serious injury...

Good luck with your exams, kid!!! I know you'll do well!!

The banana... hmmm... Yeah, you might want to put that one behind you, or maybe find a loaf of banana bread to give to Neo for being so nice... lol luv, tman<3

B. said...

See, nothing happened with Neo...
Come out to your friend when you feel most comfortable for coming out...

OMG, thank God everything is okay with your siblings. At least you know that the worst part is over... I hope that everything will be okay... Just be positive... Oh, now I understand that status.

And good decision about putting your blog on stand-by, you really need to concentrate on exams... I know that I need to do that, too, so maybe I will leave some good bye post, too... :)

Glad to hear from you, in every sense... Take care and talk to you soon :)

Big distance-thelepathic hug for you and your family and especially your siblings...

wayner said...

Thank heavens your siblings are ok; remember what I told you about 'defensive driving' cos other people make unintentional mistakes.
-Don't worry about blogging; focus on exams and nothing else until they are completed; work hard and time goes by more quickly. I remember exam time and for that 2 week period that was my focus.
-I dunno about Mike; if he is obviously gay friendly maybe you could, but you shouldn't have any upsets during exams. Bfn - Wayne :)