Saturday, April 3, 2010

a Quickie


I just wanna drop a quick line and say Hi to all...

I am three things:

1) I am living THE life
2) I have butterflies in my tummy...
3) I don't wanna come back to school nor leave the place I am at, right now (>-<)

PS: I just had a quickie ;)


Happy Easter and welcome to Bi-Alan! :)



tman said...

Ahhh... Very nice, Sam!! Now I'm left COMPLETELY jealous!!! lol Good for you, kid!! I hope your Easter will be as good or better than the rest of the break!! Happy Easter, young man!! luv, tman

wayner said...

-Whew, I was getting a bit worried; glad you are having a good time! Enjoy yourself before you get back to the grind. - Wayne :)

CoolCharlie said...

Sans vous, je suis seul mon petit chou.
Tu es ma joie de vivre.
Tendres baisers

B. said...

I'm sooooooooooo happy for you! :))))))))))))

Happy Easter! It just came :D It's 3 AM here...

Dzyan said...

Hey, so glad you´re having a great time, hope you enjoy it a whole bunch before coming and telling me over the internet what exactly you were doing there, have an awesome time.

Love ya

Manu said...

quickie ;)???