Tuesday, April 20, 2010



I am not sure if this will work with time difference but anyway. Imma try...
One of my very good online friends, Joshua from my mortal dream is about to come out to his Mom.
Please, if you follow him and know how cool and caring he is, visit his blog and comment on his last post.
Give him advice, wish him well, etc.

I'll always owe you...



wayner said...

Hi Sam. I left a comment on his post; don't know yet what he actually did. I would hope any sane parent would be fully supportive in this day and age. It would be just heart-breaking if a son or daughter was rejected because of sexuality. This is a big problem if a person is not yet financially independent and doesn't have full control of their life. I hope it works out ok for him; some guys can stand the closet for a while but others get very depressed. And of course you have the same situation and you know what he is going through. bfn - Wayne

Sam said...

Thanks a lot Wayner!
You're very right... I am sure he will so what is best for him. Being unhappy does not suit him at all.

I do have a similar situation but kinda better coz of the fact that I am a living abroad most of the time for studies (now high school and college in the US next year) so I can get away with my parents' funny questions and worries...
I'll blog about that later.

Thanks again!