Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mom's 50s

Good day!

I hope you're all doing well. My day has been OK.. I am still content with my life although nothing special is happening at this moment.

I keep having these intense phases of missing my love terribly... Why can't we just be together and lose track of time and space?

I miss you :(

Anyway, I am reaching out to you to help me get ideas for my Mom's 50th Birthday party.
My mom is turning 50 next month (which is a huge occasion) but I am away from home so I cannot really plan and prepare much. My dad and siblings are lazy so I gotta push them to prepare anything. My Mom means the world to me so I really want us to show her how much we love her.
Since dad and siblings would not do much on their own, Imma just keep in touch with my sisters back home and help them brainstorm ideas and arrange stuff...
We were thinking of organizing some dinner and invite all our relatives and my Mom's best friends.. but we need it to be a bit more special. What ideas do you have?
Any special gift to arrange or activities to do?

Thanks a lot for your help, in advance!

The lonely lover Sam


Oliver said...

I think the dinner sounds nice. Maybe you could also make some sort of photo album that shows her life in photos (like you have pics of her as a kid, then her marriage pics, then some pics of her as an adult with her children i.e. you, etc) My grandma is turning 75 soon and that's what we're doing. Anyways, hope you are doing well.

wayner said...

I really suck at event planning; that is when it is nice to have sisters.(which I don't) I'm sure your siblings can arrange something nice, but most of all I'm sure a phone conversation with your mother on her birthday would mean the most. It will be so nice when you can meet your boyfriend again too. bfn - Wayne :)

Eye said...

Make a surprise party... or semi-surprise, where you tell her its only a few close people and BAM she arrives to see a gazillion friends & family and you make something huge!

We do that all the time and it works out nicely..

tman said...

Hey Sam... Oliver nailed it with the photo album idea... Women just LOVE photos and you can put one together online and design/edit it... There are places that provide these services (like Walmart, Walgreens,etc.) where you can do your online submittal and then order/pay for the service and have the completed book shipped or physically pick it up. Just make sure that you note all the aspects of the album (one side of page/photo, etc.). Some of the people in these stores tend to foul things up, given the chance... Leave enough time to correct errors!! Good luck, kid!!! luv, tman<3

B. said...

Sorry I can't help... I'm usually good with gifts and stuff, but I need to get to know some person, and then choose what to buy them. I can't tell you anything like this, cause I don't know personality of your mom :)

Just be original and even try to make something yourself, for her, and sent her by post or I dunno, somehow...