Monday, April 5, 2010

The Love of my life... I miss you already!


PS: Post written directly after coming back from airport to campus

OK - I am crying at the moment. I am crying like a baby that was severely detached from his mother. I just got back to my school campus after a fantastic holiday trip.
I am in Love with the most amazing guy I have ever met. He is the son of the host family I stayed with (during the holiday) and you cannot imagine how much I love him. I never loved like this before and hopefully won’t. I miss him so badly, already. It's like a few hours that we've been apart but I miss him terribly.

Gee! I can't stop crying. I promised him to be strong and have faith in the fact that we will meet again, hopefully soon, so I'll try to contain myself but it's so freaking hard.
He means the world to me. I felt like the happiest man on earth when I was with him and he made me realize how lovely life could be. He made me love myself the way I am. He made me realize that life could be a happy one after all. He’s so amazing: loving, caring, smart, funny, cute, fun, intellectual… and the list goes on.

I love him and I miss him already…. Please God, let us meet again, soon!



Phunk Factor said...

If he has said so, then there must be a pretty good chance of it happening! ;)

Micky said...


But . . . where does his 'girlfriend' fit in, or am I misunderstanding something?

Sam said...

@ Phunk Factor:
distance sucks... I'm leaving this country for good and we may not see each other any soon. Gee! I'm so in Love with him and cannot see how I can get over him... sob sob

@ Micky:
He's not the Chinese dude. He's another guy, son of the family that hosted me for the rest of the break.

Manu said...

:O I hope you work things out :)

jus have a little faith

wayner said...

Sometimes I think fate is perverse; why can't the guy you love so much live right next door to you! I suppose you can still cam with him until you get to see him again. I am so happy that you had a good time! To be true to yourself and feel like a human being. Time will help you to feel better and your friends back at school. And you now have a better understanding of your sexuality also. Good for you! bfn - Wayne :)

Sam said...

Thank you Manu and Wayne!
I am still getting wet eyes every time I think of him - which is ALL the time!! :'(

Dzyan said...

Aww, that´s so sweet you finding someone to love, hope you see him again real soon Sam, I know time might seem to pass slowly without him, but once you see him again I´m sure it will be all worth it, til then you have to be strong, so happy for you.


Phunk Factor said...

Ur leaving the country for good?! Ruh-roh!!!

That's not good!!

Sam said...

@ Dzyan:
It's sweet indeed... But:
so I might not see him anymore, at least not any soon.

@ Punk Factor:
yes, for good :(
I am going to the US for college and he's staying in his country...

What do you guys think of long distance relationships?

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy? Is he gay too? You said you had a quickie? does that mean you already had sex with him? Did you already know he was gay? Is he out? How did he know you were gay? So many questions. Tell us the whole story so we get it. BTW, I"m happy for you!

Sam said...

@ Anonymous:
Thanks for being happy for me.
Well, the place I was at was gay friendly so I was myself the whole time and didn't have to wear masks.
The guys is out and very confident about himself. We both don't like labels though. He is the son of the host family I had over the break (not my Chinese teacher). We did kiss and it felt so right :)

B. said...

OMG, it was really beautiful, your emotions really come through this post...

I'm so happy because of you. You will see him soon, you don't need to cry, just be strong and you'll see... Finish the school and he will be there waiting for you, for sure, if he's really like that...

I'M SO GLAD AND HAPPY for you my friend... I wish you all the best and all the luck of this world. It's so good being in love!!!

Sam said...

Thanks B!
Love is so nice
Distance sux big time!