Friday, April 16, 2010

Is a guy bi or gay If he finds another guy cute/handsome?

Hell Yes!                          12% (4 votes)

Very likely..                      20% (7 votes)

dont know/dont think so   12% (4 votes)

Not necessarily...              56% (19 votes)

(I just remembered that I have forgotten to publish the results of this poll)



Eye said...

Better late than never...

already voted on the new one ;)

wayner said...

I think a str8 guy can recognise that another guy is cute or handsome, but that would be more in an envious or jealous sense. (the competition!) If he gets horny and has an erection, then the 'str8' guy is a gay guy in denial. Ok, Sam, you can stop thinking about guys now and get that schoolwork done! lol bfn - Wayne :)