Saturday, April 17, 2010

I suck!

Good day Good people!

What’s up? Why don’t you answer me when I am asking you “How are you guys doing?” lol
Anyway, I am having a horrendous time – school wise. I am still the laziest person on earth, or at least at my school. I cannot remember being this lazy at any time in my life before now. Senioritis is a killer! FML!
I haven’t opened a single text book since last term. I am always on my laptop, chatting to friends/family and researching about my universities. I am still confused about which college to enrol at although I have narrowed my list down to 3-4 schools now. Please see my poll on the right and vote for which city you see me fitting best in. I am more into Washington D.C. at the moment (better GLBT life and more fun stuff to do off-campus) although the school in Ithaca - New York - gave me the best financial aid package and it’s a top school. But money is not much of an issue, I guess coz I am working on a sponsorship from back-home.
Do you think I can survive in Ithaca? Is it not too cold/grey and boring?

Here is my schedule for today:

08:20 am: Wake up in a rush, miss both breakfast and shower
08:30 am: Run for the school assembly
09:30 am: Go for 3 hours of Chinese class
12:30 am: Lunch time – crappy school food
01:00 pm: School assembly
01:30 pm: Board meeting for my Community Service project
04:00 pm: Receive call from one of my top universities
05:00 pm: Dinner – crappier school food
06:00 pm: competition/games between boys’ halls
10:00 pm: socialize with some school friends
11:00 pm: ONLINE time – Mom wants to chat to me too

FML! I didn’t realize I am booked for the whole day; I have no time to shower apparently. I hope I don’t stink.
Sh!t, when am I gonna study? FML
Ok, I’ll postpone my attempt to study for tomorrow…

Have a lovely weekend,


Octavius said...

"Hello"... *Waves*

tman said...

Holy crap Sam!! Talk about procrastinating!! Geezzzz, at least drag your skankey ass to the shower and scrape some of the mud off!! lol Wow, I think I'll have to come up with a better term than senioritis for you- something more dramatic like seniorf'nitis, or something...

Oh, by the way, I'm fine!! lol

As far as Ithaca goes... Hey, I live in Connecticut- not too far away, so, I know the climate, more or less, and I think you have the wrong impression... This area is not like Seattle... Our rainfall (and therefore cloudy/dreary days) is average and scattered... The weather can change in a minute, but that keeps it interesting... The summers are nice, and can get hot, but, during the actual school year, you can expect a nice, cool fall, followed by a likely snowy winter, starting about the end of November, and lasting till March or so... Ithaca may be a snowier place than here because of the lake affect conditions (close to the Great Lakes) but I don't think it would ever be described as a dreary place... You probably should like snow tho, if you decide to go there...

Well, that's my take, kid... I can't speak to the GLBT issue up there, altho New England is a very liberal area.... Upper New York has conservative areas, but, I've never been to an Eastern college town that wasn't liberal and welcoming!! Good luck, Sam!! luv, tman<3

wayner said...

Hi Sammy. Yes, I am doing fine; enjoying my retirement and the beautiful spring here in Eastern Canada freeride biking and motorcycling.
-The word for you, Sam, is SELF-DICIPLINE! Schedule time to get your work done and have time for other things; the priority is getting your schoolwork done, and stick to it. As always the best time to open the books is IMMEDIATELY AFTER SUPPER. You will not want to study late in the evening. And you will have to sacrifice some activities you enjoy to get it done. I remember what it was like to be a teen with all the fun temptations around you and having to study. That is why it is best not to procrastinate and get it over with early in the evening. It is important to finish your school year well. You also need a full night's sleep for good memory and energy the next day; and don't skip breakfast, that is a big mistake. Try and get at least a half hour of strenuous physical activity every day eg jogging.
-I don't think I am qualified to suggest which university you should attend; there are many factors involved and you are the best person for that decision. Of course you must do some research, but I think the top reason should be the academic fit for you; the social life is secondary because all universities have a social life including LGBT. So get busy, and don't think about sex until the weekend! lol bfn - Wayne :) (oh yeah, if you keep skipping those showers, you will be sitting alone at the cafeteria! lol )

B. said...

I'm voting for New York cause I love New York and I wish to go there to visit it... Washington seems kinda boring and I don't know. For the rest I don't know that much, so my choice is New York. If I'm in your place, I will deffinetelly go there... :)

There's so many possibilities there than in D.C, at least I think so...