Friday, April 30, 2010

I left my banana for him


I am doing better...
These mood swings are normal but they hurt so much when they come.
Today was my last day of class. I am officially done with high school curriculum. Now I'll be on study leave for a few days. My finals (A-Levels) start on May 10th and last until June 10th. Imma get focused or else! I need to get those A grades. My mom did my deposit to my university in the US today so I am officially a college student :)

Anyway, Mr Neo (young gay teacher) asked me to see him today as finalize my college decision. So I met up with him over lunch break at his apartment. We talked about a lot of stuff such as how hard it's been for me at school (closeted and whatnot) and he also gave me advice about how to be at college, etc. I really love him; he's super caring.

After I left his apartment to go to my next class, I realized that I have left at his place my folder with my banana (which was my dessert)... so yeah, I forgot to take all my stuff with me... and my banana ended up staying on top of my folder, on his desk...

I really hope he doesn't think I did this on purpose or so... I hope he does not think I am hinting at anything. That would be just embarrassing!! fml

I am going tomorrow with my Chinese teacher for a function with some Chinese professional and other businessmen also studying Mandarin so that we can get to practice speaking altogether, then Imma go to a fancy Chinese restaurant. I cannot wait. We're leaving early so Imma be in bed by midnight.

My dad's elections are this Sunday! Best of luck Daddy!!\


Happy Weekend good people!


Phunk Factor said...

OMG!! Ur doing A-Levels?

I'm all rooting fr u now!! Having done A-Levels myself in 2006, I know how crazy the exams are!!

Best of Luck, Sam!!!

Hope u do awesome!!!

Btw, what subjects do you have?

wayner said...

Hi Sam. Forget the mood swings (yeah, I get them too lol) and focus on those exams. I think A-levels are UK exams for university qualification. Back in the old days, I had the torture of government 'departmentals' before graduation.(my highest mark was 88 in Latin) Mr Neo sounds like a really good guy to help you out with the sexuality thing and university decisions. Do you think the banana was a Freudian slip lol? The Chinese food will taste good after all that crappy school food. It is hard to study with all the nice spring weather coming up but stick to your schedule. bfn - Wayne :)

Micky said...

A Levels in the sunshine. Why's it always the best weather when you have to be stuck with books?

The oddest thing I remember about A levels was the anti-climax as each exam happened - because afterwards much of the stuff you'd had in your head for it isn't needed again.

Good luck!

Sam said...

@ Phunk Factor:
Thank you man! A-Levels are pain in the neck! fml
I am writing A-Levels: Maths, Biology, and Chemistry, and O-Level: Mandarin Chinese (foreign language)
I cannot wait for them to be over. W
What A-Levels did you write?

@ Wayne:
You're right.
Neo is so cool... I'm so grateful to have him in my life atm. I don't know about the banana thing, man! It's so embarrassing... How should I face him and bring my book back?

@ Micky:
Amen, man! AMEN!!! It sucks how much of the studying Imma put is gonna go to waste lol

Phunk Factor said...

I went for Bio, Chem, Physics...complete medical package! I always wanted to be a doctor....or a DJ! :p

Hahahaha....i hd biology, chemistry, physics, maths, english language, urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies for my O Levels!

I really didn't know that people in America did A Levels!

Sam said...

@ Phunk Factor:
oh wow!! so how were Bio and Chem? Should I be worried? I can nail Bio down but Chem is gonna screw me hard core fml
btw, I am NOT from America. I am just going there for college next year

Phunk Factor said...

For me it was the reverse, Bio had me scared sh*t of screwing up and Chem was a walk in the park!

While knowing ur material is the most important thing no doubt, but do as MANY past papers as you can! If u can manage read the examiner's report....then u kno what's the most common mistakes students makes wen answering a question and you can totally avoid that if u get the same question!!!

Past Papers are a MUST!!! Do as many as you can....i heard the pattern changed fr u ppl sooo i dunno how the papers are right now! I did my Alvlz wayyyy back in 2006! God, how much do i miss those times?!

B. said...

Well done! I'm so happy for you. Good luck!

Hahahahahah (for the banana). No worries, he won't even think of that... I mean, you are such a nice boy...