Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have Rihanna's hairstyle??


Ok , this is totally random lol  Excuse my stupidity!!
So I was watching some online video and just realized that in as much as I was trying to  imitate Adam Lambert in my latest haircut, I kinda have ended up with something that looks more like what mess Rihanna has made out of her hair.
So yeah, I kinda look this: FML!!! :(

(The hair in my front is not THAT long.. yet)

By the way, I have no clue what's going wrong with Rihanna lately.. This girl has gone real bad for some time, now. Check this:


wayner said...

Just about any hairstyle looks good on a young guy! Besides, you can always re-arrange it to your taste or get some minor clipping done. Celebrities looking wild is what gets publicity! Look at the no-talent celebs who are famous for being famous eg Paris Hilton. Rhianna does have talent though.
-Sometimes just letting your hair grow naturally looks good. bfn - Wayne :)

Chrissie said...

I think she has adorable hair! :-)

Sam said...