Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am THE Happiest man on Earth

Hey Guys!

I am so full of positivity right now.
I am ✫THE✫ Happiest Man on Earth... 
I have been longing to write this post for some time now but I was waiting for something to happen and it finally happened today... I am so excited!!! 

So I talked to my life coach last week and she made me realize how many great milestones I have achieved thus far - all on my own - (since I last talked to her, which was like a year ago). So here we go:

  • I overcame homesickness
  • I got admitted into top US schools
  • I gave up on fake friendships
  • I became more self confident
  • I made good/real friendships (Mary, Mike, Kevin, etc.)
  • I can tell NO to people when need be
  • I found out the true reason of my happiness - sexual identity
  • I faced my sexual identity challenge
  • I sought knowledge about my sexual identity
  • I am consciously trying to accept myself
  • I got an emotional and sexual experience with a guy - a very *special* guy
  • I am in love with someone who cares about me reciprocally

I am also quite happy coz I have too many great things to look forward to:

  • 44 days till graduation from high school
  • 49 days till I write my very last high school exam - finals
  • 53 days till I leave my boarding school for good.
  • 54 days till I hopefully meet up with the love of my life
  • 71 days till I am back in my home country and with my lovely family
  • Summer break... and then US College, babeh!

Anyway, my life seems so gay - I mean happy - when I write down all these exciting things down... so I cannot complain much. Oh No, I can! I actually am very sleepy and tired - I am not having enough sleep I guess; I will try to catch up on the weekend...
I had my Chinese oral exam (official exam) yesterday and it went well. Today, Mary made me come out to our good friend Kevin. hmmm.. I was not quite ready but just did it coz I knew it would be OK. He is also questioning his sexuality but his situation is a bit weird though. I'll tell you more about this later coz we three (Mary, Kevin and I) still did not have long conversations about the matter. But thus far, as we talk I am realizing how much info I know and I guess I can help Kevin out in discovering himself - Thanks to Blog World and to all my online friends.

PS: Congratulations to Joshua for successfully coming out to his Mommy. I am so proud of you, buddy!
PS: I miss some online friends so terribly and wish I had more time to keep in touch with them all.

Oh, about my laziness... It is still there but I am working on destroying it. I aint giving up!

How do you guys like me when I am positive? lol
I really hope I did not come across intimidating in this post.... I am just a lil excited about a confirmation I just had today...

I love you guys!
Keep up the SMILE!!! :)


B. said...

I feel so happy for you and I'm also very happy cause finally my gay life is starting to get some point with also one special guy :) :D

Big hug and congrats on everything. I wish you all the best in your life!!!

Well, you can tell that I'm also happiest man on the planet next to you :))))))) Yay for us!!!

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

What a awesome post to read !!!!

Sam said...

@ B:
Yay!!!! je suis tres heureux pour toi, mon ami. Tu dois me raconter tout!!!! (dans un email)

@ Joshua:

wayner said...

Wow, things are looking up for Sam, B, Joshua, and Timmy on 'Timmy waiting for God' blog. Gay Andy is opening up too. Must be springtime! About time some happiness kicked in. And all because you guys accept and take pride in your sexuality. And this gets you ready to take on the challenges. I can read a bit of French too Sam. bfn - Wayne :)

Octavius said...

It's good to see you happy.


Eye said...

So great that you're happy... how could we not like the positive you? :]

Isn't it great? the feeling that life is barely starting and yet so much has already been done?

Phunk Factor said...

All I gotta say is; Congratulations!!! :D

It's really awesome to c a positive post from u! Wish'in u all the best, man!

Sam said...

Thank you:
Wayne, Octavius, Eye and Phunk Factor

dpking19 said...

woot woot ! sam you go boy