Monday, April 12, 2010

coming out extravaganza


Lots been happening
Thanks to all those who have emailed me since I’ve been down. I appreciate all your love and care. I’m feeling a lil better
I keep telling my friends (those who know I blog but don’t have my link) about how supportive the blog community is. You guys RoCk!

Anyhow, the internet has been down at school which sucks Big time. It’s back now, but still has issues and working consistently. I am trying to become less lazy because I have shit loads of school work to do beside my revision for finals (an accumulation of a 2-year curriculum).

I came out to my college counselor on Friday. It was so smooth and natural. I had to discuss with her my college choices and preferences. So I had to tell her that I want my college campus to be liberal and the nearby are to be gay-friendly. And she was very understanding. After our meeting, I sent her an email to say thanks so she said I can always be open with her and that I am amazing and we are going to be friends for a long time, beyond the school.  Yay!

 I also came out to Neo. It was on Sunday that we agreed to meet and discuss my college decision. He invited me to his flat for some coffee and we went talking. So I also told him I need a liberal campus and then discussion lead me to coming out to him.  We drifted a little from college and talked a about my confusion. He asked me why I felt free to come out to him. So I said: “I just felt you would be a good person to discuss this with…” He kinda got my point and came out to me in return. He also thanked me for trusting him. He took my phone number and said I can always come chat with him when need be. He gave me Adam Lambert's full album!! Yay me! I think it's a gay thing lol (I cannot get enough of his music!)

OK, so I am out to… lemme count…  5 people (beside my online friends + the love of my life and his friends).

  1. Mr. Tim (gay former teacher);
  2. My advisor Gary (also gay);
  3. Neo (also gay);
  4. My College Counselor;
  5. My best friend Mary (straight.. very slightly bi)

Yay!! They’re all super supportive.
Wait… That’s because most of them are not straight hehe.
Shit! I should not be that excited lol When I come out to more people (straight, especially), I’d then start having the REAL troubles! fml

Life is good though. What the fuck?! haha

PS: I was so impatient for today to come coz I was waiting for something to happen and that would have made me the happiest man on earth but now I have to wait more to confirm the outcome. Wish me luck, please! (I know I am confusing you, sorry!)

FYI: I am missing someone special, terribly. Mwah Mwah Mwah!

Anyway, How are you guys doing?


Phunk Factor said...

I'm soooo happy to see you all smiles, laughs and giggles!!!!


Keep blogging!!

tman said...

Hey Sam, sounds like you are finishing the school year in style!! I'm happy that you feel confident enough to share your personal feelings with more people!! It's a good thing to be able to talk with friends w/o constantly worrying about slipping up and accidentally outing yourself!! Good for you!!

Now, get your ass in gear and get the school work behind you, so that you can wallow in the inevitable mire that is senioritis!! lol

Oh, did you work out the financial aid details yet?? I've been wondering... luv, tman<3

wayner said...

Hooray Sam, you sound a heck of a lot more upbeat now. Although coming out can make you fearful of prejudice, it can also lift a big burden of stress off your shoulders when you don't have to live a lie. Its great that you have supportive people at school to talk to. Keep in mind also that your sexuality is your personal business no one else's unless you make it so. You can come out to your family sometime in the future when circumstances permit; or just tell them the guy you live with is your 'room-mate' (with benefits!lol). bfn - Wayne ;)