Tuesday, April 6, 2010

College Updates + I need to focus + I need your help


I want to update you about my academic life in general.
So here we go.

Regarding US colleges and Universities:
I got admitted into 7 schools (most of them are quite competitive)
I got waitlisted at 3 schools
I only got one rejection.

So if you're knowledgeable about US schools, please let me know so I email you the list and ask you for advice. I need to make up my mind by May 1 about which one I am enrolling it and I am super confused.

PS: Regarding financial aid, most schools gave me really good packages but still my parents' contribution is not something they can afford. But I am confident I'll work something out. Any ideas about who can I contact for sponsorship??

Besides that, this is my LAST term in high school (wow, it feels so good to shout this out). But I still have to work hard and FOCUS! I have predicted A's to meet for my A-Levels (official examinations in May-June). I am so lazy though and senioritis is kicking in. I think I should make like a schedule and stick to it and should definitely stop procrastinating and wasting time online (quite a bad habit).

By the way, I'll be having classes all week days (8 till 3:30) and then extra/revision classes after dinner for like an hour. Then, I'd have to study on my own for some additional hours. I also have revision classes on Saturdays. So Fuck my life -- things won't be fun at all!

I cannot wait for all this high school sh!t to be over. I am ready for college and life.
Oh no, I am not! I am feeling a bit down at the moment... so I should work on my happiness.
Gee! I only need to remember the great time I had during the last holiday and smile (I am trying to have positivity and so I should be happy it happened and not cry it's over). I can make it!!! (hopefully... bleh!)

Hope you're all doing well and thanks for all those who have been commenting and emailing me lately. It's been quite helpful, thanks!



wayner said...

I'm not an expert on universities today, but one thing that sucks is expecting middle class parents to cough up a large portion of the cost. Most middle class parents stretch every dime to live in the middle class, let alone come up with thousands for college tuition. If you come from a poor family, you can get a loan for the entire amount (although you will have a huge loan to pay back after graduation) And if your family is rich, well no problem there. In the U.S. I thought I heard something in Obama's policies to address this problem and help out middle class students. Students were having huge protests in California over the big tuition hikes and something is supposed to be in the works to make loans easier. But I don't know your nationality, or in what country you are going to for study, and thus the financial options available for a foreign student. I guess you are the expert in this area lol. Maybe another reader may have more specific advice. I always felt like I was rolling the dice when it comes to education. But it is pleasing to see a young student work hard to advance himself and you will always get respect for that. And life isn't all fun; it does take focus and sacrifice to make it. Be sure to take a few minutes to post in your blog though! bfn - Wayne)

B. said...

Cause I don't know anything about US schools, I can only wish you all the luck :) and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would like to help, if I can, so if you have any doubts, you know where to find me, and I will give you some objective opinion :P

Wow, you are quite busy, but always look on bright site, soon all will be over and you will have more free time...