Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bleh! and announcements


I am doing... OK I guess... still trying to get myself to focus despite all the happenstances in my life.
I still cannot figure out why exactly I am this lazy... well, it's normal for senior high schools students to go through senioritis but I feel like this has become a bit too much with me.
I feel like I've changed so much lately... and everything is happening so quickly that I often cannot really think deeply about some things or reflect on them. When I currently talk with some friends I feel like disparities are extending between us and I am no longer the same old Sam.

Have I grown? 
Have I matured? Does this even fall under maturity?
Have I changed? the better or the worse?

Bleh! so much on my mind that it's so hard to put them into words.
Anyway, a few announcements:

1. I am still looking for ideas for my Mom's 50th Birthday surprise party. Any suggestions?

2. May 1st is in 2 days and I am about to make the decision of my life, college-wise. I think I have made my decision and I took into account both academics and social life. Your location votes on my poll were also taken into consideration. Voting is still possible on the right...

3. Since I am so out of words, I created a formspring for you to ask me anything:
You can either go to that link or just post your question from my blog (on the right)

4. Since I cannot put certain thigns into words, you can feel free to email me with things you would like me to blog about... ask anything and I reserve the right to post about it or...
so emails to:

I think that's about it for now... Imma try to get some studying done tonight.
Btw, Neo (gay teacher) sent me an offline chat while I was in class, asking me to meet him at dinner to discuss my last college decision... He cares about me :)



Phunk Factor said...

Ur still the same Sam but just under pressure...kinda cracking up a lil maybe!

Take care, bro!

wayner said...

You're doing fine, Sam. Nothing wrong with having a few boring days too. I'm glad Neo is helping you with the university decision; he sounds like a nice and caring guy. Hey, you have a nice long stretch of university coming up; that should be different. Study hard or I'll give you shit lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Manu said...

the same happend to me sammy :( I just didn't care abpout school anymore, I felt like i didn't belong there :(