Sunday, March 21, 2010

yesterday's dinner, and I am free

Happy Sunday!

I had a good time yesterday night with Neo, Mike and 2 other female friends. We went to this fancy Italian restaurant. It was a very chilled out evening. We ate, joked and chit chatted. Mr. Neo is so non-gay looking to all people but me, I can sense it!!
I don’t think it will be easy for me to befriend him though… He seems to separate between teachers and students. For example, he refused to tell us his real age saying that there are stuff we can only talk about after graduation… Bleh! Whatever! I know this is his first job after his 4 year college degree so he should be around 22-23.
So I came back to school around 11:00 PM, and I watched some series with Mike and another guy. It was the Big Band Theory… It’s so hilarious!

Today, although I could sleep until whenever I like, I woke up at 6:00 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I always wake up early on off-days but find it so hard to wake up on a school day. I just cut my hair (my friend at school did it for me). If I don’t gel it, it looks a bit like oldies (long and puffy from top, short on sides, short tail at the back)… so I’ll have it permanently gelled.

Since I am done with mock exams, I've been feeling so free - it's weird. I never felt this free before hehe coz
like I always had something to do. But now the curriculum is over so I can waste time without feeling guilty about it lol

We have a festival of Arts tonight at my school (lasting until Tuesday) so there will be like dances, people singing, Drama plays, paintings/drawings exhibition, etc. I am not performing at all coz I am shy and not that talented. I can paint right, but I haven’t done anything for so long (fuckin school work)


tman said...

Your teach didn't get his degree easily and was smart to understand the stakes, although I know it's a bit frustrating for you, Sam.... hey, you had a good time, and who knows what the future will bring?? And, you got to flight check your 'gaydar', and it's working just fine!! It's all good, kid!! Enjoy all your free time, it's a rarity, and soon enough, you'll be swamped with work again!! Time flies!! luv, tman<3

Billy said...

Yes, as a gay teacher I know you've got to keep your distance. The merest allegation can cost you your job.

B. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the dinner :) so, what number did you choose, one or two?