Saturday, March 13, 2010

there's always another, better way to look at things

Good day to you all!

Thank y'all for being around and always there for me. I appreciate all your nice words, advices, jokes,  personal stories and insights. Gee! How on earth was I managing my life before I started blogging and met you??

I stayed up yesterday until 2:00 am studying and woke up at 6:00 am feeling messed up.
But my one and only kept my company meanwhile and made me so so happy by telling me some of the sweetest things I ever wish to hear.
I am crazy... lol  (crazy about him)

I wrote the 3 exams today... the 2 Biology exams were OK - well it's like my best subject.
Maths was kaak (sh!t)!!  (as Joshua would have said...)
All students lost their virginity in the test room today -- because the Maths exam screwed us all, so badly! lol
so I am not gonna worry about my bad performance.
 Apparently, the teacher is following this strategy whereby he brings all the tricky questions in one paper to make us perform poorly so we get stressed and study even harder for the official exam...

Anyway, I talked with my college counselor today and told her about the college that wait listed me.
She asked me not to worry coz schools like this one would think about me in this way:
"Sam is a very strong applicant, so he's definitely gonna get offers from other, more prestigious universities, and then if we do offer him a place at our school he will reject it and take some other offer."
Hence they did not offer me admissions, but rather put me on the waiting list.
This does make sense, right?

So according to my college counselor I should NOT worry... she says she's sure I am gonna get great offers and that she's not worried about me at all.
Come April, Come!!

I am not gonna study much today (Saturday) coz I need a break. I will try to get back to most emails in my inbox and chill online...

10 exams down 5 yet to go!! and then Easter Break :)

Have a great weekend!


tman said...

perfect, Sam!! Take a break, and enjoy your weekend!!!luv& hugs tman<3

wayner said...

I just knew there had to be a guy for you somewhere in that school. You mentioned you were getting more open about sexuality so maybe that was why this happened; like I said, getting sex (and romance!) takes some risk. And yeah, we all (including me) tend to blow things out of proportion in our minds. And math takes a lot of analysis and practice on your own, so make some extra time for this. The Easter break sounds good. bfn - Wayne

scottiestoybox said...

Hey Sam. Don't know much about collage admissions, and less about financial assistance.

What I do know is you will enjoy your break. You are going home right? Great joy. Time to spend with family, friends. Did you tell your old friends you were coming home? is a party planned. Maybe a side trip for just the guys?

Good luck, best wishes, rest and dreamy sleep. Scottie

Sam said...

Thank you guys!!

@ Wayne:
The guy is not at my school.. hihi

@ Scottie:
Nah, I am not going home; it's a short break and tickets are expensive!! I am traveling to see a friend and stay at their family's place -- cant wait!