Sunday, March 14, 2010

should I get castrated? ...and is Homosexuality genetic?

Happy Sunday!

My day is so boring… I woke up, went for breakfast and then came back to my room to study but in vain. I waste time so much, without even wasting it on anything in particular. It’s weird… I just sit on my desk and get lost, day dream, travel around in my mind, and overthink tings… without really focusing on something in particular. And then I find myself having lost hours of productive work I was meant to get. Yesterday was also boring – locked on a Saturday night in my dull boarding school with no friends to have fun with… it’s not like there’s no one around, I just don’t feel like chilling with them. I am not doing much of a conscious effort to befriend people and hang out… I did not even go watch the Saturday night movie being played in the auditorium. I simply sat on my bed, stared and let time pass me by…

Anyway, let’s get back to my sexual identity research…

Is homosexuality genetic? What does science have to say?

First of all: 
  • Genes + Brain Wiring + Prenatal Hormonal Environment = Temperament
  • Parents + Peers + Experiences = Environment
  • Temperament + Environment = Homosexual Orientation
There are basically three kinds of inquires to demonstrate the genetic basis for homosexuality: family studies, twin studies, and adoption studies
(Lewontin et al., p. 213; also see Pattatucci, 1998, p.21).

Studies of twins (both identical and fraternal), and adoption studies are most often used to investigate heritability. A typical twin study works this way. Identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic) twins, where at least one of the twins is homosexual, is recruited through gay and lesbian publications, websites, or gay support groups (Bailey & Dawood, 1998). The volunteer twins are asked to identify their sexual preference, sexual fantasies, etc. The results usually show that if an identical twin is gay, his brother is very likely to be gay, maybe a 40-50% chance. If a fraternal twin is gay, then his brother has about a 1 in 4 chance of being gay. In a family with a gay biological child, an adopted brother may only have a 3-5 % chance of being gay -- which is about the incidence of male homosexuality in the general population. The inference is then made that homosexuality must be genetic because the closer the blood tie (thus the more genes in common) between brothers, the more likely that a gay boy will have a gay brother.

Other Research examples: 

  • Birth Order: Blanchard and Klassen (1997) reported that each older brother increases the odds of a man being gay by 33%
  •  Phermone studies:  Recent research conducted in Sweden has suggested that gay and straight men respond differently to two odors that are believed to be involved in sexual arousal.
  • Physiological:  The VIP SCN nucleus of the hypothalmus is larger in men than in women, and larger in gay men than in heterosexual men. 

I just found "The Science of Gaydar" article by NY magazine and am reading it...
(interesting stuff studying whether homosexuality is biological but it has had loads of critics... what do you think?)

Moreover, I am Christian (Catholic), right? So I am not meant to be gay... 
well I understand that the Catholic doctrine goes something about being gay isn’t a sin but acting on your gayness is...
But still what is this non-sense? How am I am meant to live a decent life. Life is incomplete without a sexual side of it, no matter how small or large of a portion it takes...
Should I lead a celibacy life, suppress my feelings and kill my fantasies? or should I just get castrated?? lol

what do you guys think of this??
(I personally have a longer pointer finger than ring finger)


southern said...

Sam this is a pretty dramatic post.
I'll give you a few points to think about;
If you are gay, chances of you passing on those genes if you live a gay life are nil.
Most research is not conclusive enough to give a concrete conclusion.
And a question I often ask myself is why do some people like oranges, others apples or some even both - when I find the answer to that I will tell you.
My advice is rather than thinking to much about something you have no control over, direct your energy into finding happiness.
You only get one chance at this life - try to make the most of it.
Regards Stef

Old Midhurstian said...

I think that you're in danger of obsessing over what are in reality mere theories for all that they meay appear to have some rational basis. It's much more important to accept yourself for who and what you are and to strive for happiness. Personally I came to the conclusion that there isn't a reason why I'm homosexual, I simply am and that made things a lot better. I invested far too much of my adolescence asking why, I don't think that there is an answer.

wayner said...

My general impression from 60yrs on this planet is that homosexuality is a result of genetic inclination or experience, or some combination of both. I believe it is set in stone after puberty in spite of much self-denial. The issue of religion is problematic. Religous dogma is pounded into young people's heads from an early age (witness the heads bobbing up and down as Jewish and Muslim kids are indoctrinated) and this hard-wiring prevents people from thinking freely and rationally. Strict interpretation of religious dogma is extremely damaging to homosexuals, and notice that I am not picking on any one religion. That you are feeling guilt or shame for your homosexual feelings is proof of what I am saying. Put religion in its place and look at it from a new viewpoint; remember it was written by men thousands of years ago from a tribal and parochial view, and this must be kept in mind. Religion is also about having power over people just as much as is political power; and unscrupulous men will use it that way and they will be first in line to hell. Revel in your sexuality and be proud of it; many heterosexuals are imprisoned by their sexuality and live desperate, boring, humdrum lives so you are not missing much. And I love my male genitalia; still a wonderful playtoy even if you are not in a relationship! lol - Wayne :)

Oliver said...

haha my pointer finger is a lot longer than my ring finger XD

and i agree, it is totally genetic. I have multiple gay relatives

tman said...

SAM, I love your intellectual curiosity!! Nice, thoughtful post!! As you see the information on this is plentiful and a lot of the older stuff is biased...

I wrote before, as a fellow Catholic, on the role of the church on this issue, so you know that I feel that a broken church on earth needs repair... This will happen at a snails pace for obvious reasons, but in the meantime, your life as a gay man and christian, need not be in conflict... The whole idea that you have 'permission' to be gay, as long as you don't practice it, is, as you noted, a complete contradiction, and utter nonsense... Christ never preached any of that, in fact, he preached the opposite... It has become a pathetic attempt to resolve political differences in the hierarchy of the church, more than a conundrum of faith... No man can interfere in your understanding of faith... That is your personal connection to God, that overrides any earthly interpretation...

The notion, however, that because some people in power in the church have hijacked His message, that the message is therefore invalid, is also utter nonsense... That is just a convenient way for some to try to minimize the importance of faith in your life...

What you find in your research, may, in the end, not satisfy you completely Sam...Whether you are gay or bisexual from birth, or there is some influence of environment, you are still made in His image, and have a right to a joyous and productive life... Noone can take that from you, unless you let them!!!

I see a lot of angst and bitterness on this subject out there, Sam... I think a lot of people have allowed the 'message' of christianity to be equated to the distorted message of some of its followers...In reality tho, the message is a living, ageless thing- that is something that a lot of people don't seem to understand... IDK, maybe a little introspection, like you're doing, a little search for the truth, would help some... But, I guess that there are also those that are so embittered and damaged by life, that the process is just too painful... My message to them is- It's never too late to feel His love; Even if you think He has abandoned you, he hasn't... love you Sam<3 Tman

Sam said...

Thank you all!
You're a great inspiration! :)

All your words are in my mind and I shall not forgive what you've told me. I believe this is a long process and I will only become more confident and 'happy' about myself as I keep questioning and seek help.

Love ya!

Tommy said...

Apparently i'm a butch lesbian.
Or i'm straight and dont realise it yet

Sam said...

hahaha Tommy!!
It's a generalization, buddy!
You're like the least confused guy amongst us, young teens lol


Anonymous said...


Sam said...

Thanks Anonymous!:)
I am not on AIM.
I am on g-chat but prefer emails die to time difference and busy school schedule.

naturgesetz said...

I know this is way lat e, but I just discovered the post. I have two comments.

If homosexuality were pureley genetic, all identical twins would have the same orientation, but they don't. So genetics is one factor, but not the only one.

"Life is incomplete without a sexual side of it, no matter how small or large of a portion it takes..." If you mean that your life is incomplete unless you have sex with someone, I disagree. That is what our culture conditions us to believe. But it is possible to have a happy and fulfilling life without sex, if you decide to. If you mean that in some psychological sense there is a sexual aspect to what you think and do, that sexuality is part of who you are, I suppose that could be true.