Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick post and a favour?


This is a really quick post!
I just want to check on you guys and send you my hugs and kisses.

I am still very unproductive and lazy. I am procrastinating a lot!! Damn! I have to get serious and begin revising for my mock exams starting on Monday for the next 2 weeks. I am sleeping well and studying very little.
I have decided to start going to the library from now on to study there in the evenings for at least 3 hours. I will not take my laptop with me so I don’t end up blogging, emailing and chatting, (or looking up Adam Lambert news lol)

My Bestest Friend in the world is working the hell out of him and is studying so hard. He’s not having much time to blog but I am sure he’d love it if you could go check his blog and leave a comment. 
Please, please go and gently tap him on the shoulder or send him a hug and something fun to read. He’d really enjoy hearing from you when he takes a little break from his university work.

Thanks a lot!


tman said...

good strategy, Sam!! Get your butt in gear and do what needs to be done... all this will still be here when you're caught up!!! luv. tman<3

Manu said...

who's the friend your talking about ?

Study don't be lazy :p

Old Midhurstian said...

tman said it and I agree, focus and get your priorities in order.

Take care

wayner said...

Thanks for the hugs and kisses; I need them too! The best way to get your work done is to organise your time for work and r&r and stick to it. (its called self-dicipline) If I were you, I'd take that plane ride over to your bf (I saw his blog) and plaster your naked body all over his. (ok, you better whack off now, or you will never get your work done!lol) You're doing great, Sam, just a little down for a while; hit the books and get it done! You have some other great guys there too, commenting with some great advice. - Wayne (hugs and kisses back)(and yeah, that pic is really me from my cam a few weeks ago)

scottiestoybox said...

Sam glad to hear you have a plan for studying. As has been said we will all be here when you Pass your test. Then you can tell us all about your "mocks" which is a term I do not know.

I will drop over and see your friends blog. You study, do us bloggers proud with your grades.

Hugs and warm thoughts.

Sam said...

Thank you all!
You rock my world!!!

I've been productive so far :)
I am going to the dorms now... the Internet is down over there so will probably continue with my productivity! Yay!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Love ya!,

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Thanx for the shout out Sammy!!!!

Sam said...

dit is my plesier :)

B. said...

LOL, I know the feeling... That's why I stopped blogging for a while, but it's so addicting, man... See... I'm on my break from studying lol so I'm catching up and I will probably reply now on your emails...

*Big hug* I hope that everything is doing well with the exams, cause it's 8th march today...