Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Randomness of today


I am doing ok… I wasn’t gonna post today coz I am so not ready for tomorrow’s exams but then thought that I can make a quick post.
So here are some random stuff:

  1. I was plucking my eyebrows today and I think I have ruined them. There’s too much space between them and I think one is much farther from the nose side than the other… I don’t know how to fix this. I do not dare to shorten the other side; I might just make it even worse.fml.fml.fml    (Oh, I just asked Mary to help me out…. she kinda fixed it well)
  2. I am going to have pizza and chill with Neo (teacher) in the weekend (with 3 other friends along).  [PS: he is young, indeed (like 23 max) and I dunno… It’s not like we can do anything or that I want to. It’s only that I am curious about him]
  3. I am going for a truth or dare game this Saturday night. (I wish they ask me to make out with someone lol) I hope they don’t ask me something like: “Are you gay?” coz this subject has been brought up quite often lately (not always in my direction) and I also found out that some of my school mates think that I might grow to become gay. If such a question does come… should I say the truth or what?
  4. I was studying all night yesterday (with Mike >< ) and we slept a 2:30 am today and I woke up at 6:00 am. I am feeling so messed up (as if I were beaten all over my body) but the morning exam went well.
  5. Yesterday I talked about guys wanking for the first time with someone in real life (this someone was Mike hihihi).
  6. I have 2 exams tomorrow and then I’d be kinda done (coz the exam left on Saturday does not require much studying)
  7. I cannot wait for the Spring/Easter break to come (I have LOADS of fun plans). I hope the person(s) hosting me (for my trip) is/are still happy to have me around…
  8. I am so not that horny lately… is it coz of exam stress?

I am going back to my books now but won’t kill myself tonight. I aim to sleep by midnight max!



tman said...

Hey Sam... Yeah, stress can do that to you, but not for long, at your age... lol... I think you're smart to go for pizza with other people; should be fun!! It sounds like you're getting through all the exams in good shape, even tho you worry about them... I used to think I would flunk sometimes and let it play on my mind, but it never seemed to play out that way; I guess that's part of being a little anal, and obsessive about grades...Oh well, better to obsess and get good grades, than the alternative approach...

You'll really enjoy the break after all this, I guarantee it!!!

OMG truth or dare, huh?? lol Well, it seems like you WANT to come out to your friends!!! Why not? Aren't you getting ready to graduate?? Hey, you're even sharing jerk-off stories with your bud!!! You've come a long way, baby!! lol No pun(s) intended!! Right!!!

Just enjoy yourself Sam... You'll be moving on soon, and as a senior, you deserve some enjoyment before you head off to college... Live it up, a little!! After exams, of course!!! luv, tman<3

scottiestoybox said...

Sam as to tell or not tell it all comes down to how comfortable you are with yourself, those around you knowing, and the consequences of them knowing.

Again I wouldn't read too much into the teacher being friendly with you, you have very little experience with sounding out gay people, and he just may want some one close to his age to be friends with. But as has been said, what does it matter if he is gay. You wont talk to him about the subject, and you cant have any physical sexual contact. So just be friends,and you may learn something about / from this teacher.

Please just try to be happy and enjoy all you can in the last few months you have there. A new adventure is waiting right around the corner, take immense joy in everything even the little things. Savoir them, as soon you will be moving on.

have fun and be well,

wayner said...

Yeah, I have to work on my eyebrows once in a while, but mostly thinning them some. If the question is 'are you gay?' simply reply that you are happy all the time! Or if they say 'are you homosexual?' say 'if you are too!'. And the libido does go down from the stress of exams (cos you're not thinking about sex!) I find 400IU vitamin E and 50mg zinc every other day with breakfast helps keep you horny. I'll be glad when those f**kin exams are finally over; you're stressing me out too! lol - Wayne :)

Aaron said...

do your eyebrows? so gay! LOL. :P

i think exam stress does take away the hornyness. it sounds like u've quite a few exciting things to look forward to. :) have fun!

B. said...

1. LOL man... I also do that sometimes, and I kinda consider that girl stuff, but I always was telling myself because I'm kinda gay/bi/whatever, but I realised that a lot of other guys do it :)

8. Yeah, probably because of that :P