Saturday, March 20, 2010

One or Two?

Hey Guys!

I am so confused...
I wanna style my hair like one of Adam Lamert's earlier hairstyles but I don't know which one to pick.
One or Two???
Basicaly, do I trim at both sides and leave the top and the back long and spike them up or do I gel everything to the back?



Anonymous said...

Most def gel..

tman said...

I like the top, non-gel version, but I never liked the gel look, so I'm I always liked the idea of running my fingers through a guy's hair; what do you do if the hairs gelled?? OOPS! Hand's off!! :(((
lol luv, tman (tnks again, Sam) <3<3

Seraphim said...

first one for sure :)

wayner said...

I kind of like the second one; looks more natural and easier to maintain. But without seeing your face, it is best left up to you. - Wayne :)

scottiestoybox said...

Hey Dude. I think a lot depends on how your face is built, the look of your face changes the way the hair style looks on you. The second is easier to keep up and manage.

Be well.

B. said...

OK, I have told you before that I'm for the number two, but now, when I look at smaller version of the pictures, I'm all for number one, but the number two also looks nice... Ok, now I'm confused... No I'm not, one one one :D