Saturday, March 20, 2010

My gayness is fluorescent and will shine even more!

Good day!

If you don't have much time, just read the last part and advise, please..
I had such a lovely day yesterday coz I did not study at all. I watched a movie in the morning. It was an old romantic one and by its end I was so desperate… I wanna have romance in my life so badly!!! Screw all movies and songs of this world; heterosexuality is dominant and depressing!
In the afternoon, my advisor (Gary) took me to the mall coz I had to buy some necessities. It was such a special day coz I bought my first ever razor ever. (yes, I am 18, turning to 19 son and haven’t fully shaved before). I wanna be fresh and smooth over the coming break… I am traveling to a gay friendly place so who knows what opportunities I might face? But I have no idea how to shave and what to shave lol. I just hope I don’t end up ruining my cute skinny body and cute baby face.
After I bought my shaving materials, I went to some clothes store and let my gay inside guide me. I bought my first ever skinny jeans. They’re so skinny I might explode lol. The lady that stands next to the fitting room told me I needed a smaller size but I refused to get any smaller jeans coz then they’d be much skinnier and I don’t think I can pull them off well. So I just bought the pair I tried and will put a nice belt on when I do wear them. I also bought a tight shirt and some gayish belt. Gee! I am gonna look so gay when I wear them in public… hehe
By the way, Gary is gay and he knows about me. So it was fun to hang out with him. We talked freely in the car about gay stuff… He advised me to hook up with someone when I travel over the break. He called me CHICKEN! He said it’s coz I am young gay who is still innocent and fresh. Hehe
He said I should come back from my trip having evolved from Chicken to Twink! WTH? Hahaha

Anyway, I think I am gonna miss the ‘truth or dare’ game with friends tonight coz Neo (gay pizza teacher) said he wanted to move our hang-out from lunch time to dinner. I told him “I have other commitments in the evening but I will cancel them for you”. Yeah! I want to show him my interest. We bumped into each other yesterday during the day and I was wearing this white T-shirt a friend brought me from NYC. It’s pure white and has ‘New York City’ written on it with fluorescent colors and graffiti style. So he was like: “That’s so not like NYC, it’s more like a hippy from California.” I told him: “California, eh? Well, I would really love to be associated with Californian lifestyle and hippies…” I want him to know that I know he’s gay and that we can get along well well….
I hope that tonight, the other 3 friends who come along for pizza with us leave early so I can hang out with Neo alone… I decided that I want to develop a good friendship with him… He’d be of great help. I also found out from my advisor that Neo loves Adam Lambert so maybe we can discuss Lambert together too hehe.
I am wondering if I should visit him in his flat (which is on campus) soon and ask him to teach me how to shave. I can go like: “Mr. Neo, this is my first time shaving and I don’t know how to. Plus, my father is not around to teach me… can you help?”

What do you guys think? Should I do that?

Have a fantabulous weekend!


HMG said...

Yeah shaving is SCARY, but I learned it on my own and did well, my best recommendation is do it after taking a shower and washing your face, then a least your face is moist and ready to be shaved without nicking you, also use enough cream so you don't feel afraid you might cut your face. Just in case have some tissues ready to clean up cuts.
Have fun with Neo!

Sam said...

@ HMG:
Thanks for the tips!!
Do you think I should hint hint at Neo... should I ask him for shaving help? lol

HMG said...

Why not, he will probably help you and you two can bond over it.

CoolCharlie said...

Merde a la puissance treize... YOU ARE SO GAY!!!!... lol.. Awesome ay!
...mmm... Shave everything...I notice more and more guys on college are like shaving their legs this year... Think it is the new trend! lol

Don’t forget the after shave... and like skin cream... Metro rules!

NB... eventually the novelty dies off and you will like hate shaving... haha

Not sure about the teacher thing... there is a boundary he shouldn't like cross and you don't want to like make life to difficult for him!... GO SLOW YOUNG PADAWAN!!! [Jedi voice]

Good Luck on the last exam!!!

wayner said...

You're on your own with the shaving thing, Sam lol; you know your situation best. But if you do end up messing around with a teacher, be sure to be very discrete so as not to get the teacher in trouble with school policy. You've come a long way from sitting in your room Saturday night! - Wayne :)

tman said...

Holy cow, kid... this is starting to sound like a scene out of 'LIE'... lol ... ever see that? Now, that's real chicken stuff , but hot, nonetheless... That kid a was younger and the guy was older than Neo, so I'm not sure about the dynamics here... I just hope you have a nice time, and you enjoy each other's company and everyone is good later... I would be cool, and careful/prepared as well... I mean, you sound hot to trot, kid... be careful what you wish for... things can get complicated, more for him than you, but you can be easily hurt if this is the first time for you... I'll shut up now, because I can't stop smiling for you, and I don't want to say the wrong thing!! Stay smart... think with the right head!! luv, tman<3<3

Manu said...

shavig is easy don't worry, I hate to shave :(

B. said...

"Heterosexuality is dominant and depressing", the best sentence which I've heard this week :P

Who knows, maybe this cancalation was sign from God that the friends would ask you awkward questions about your homosexuality.

And why that big fuss about shaving, man it's not that hard, I was like starting to shave when I was 16 and it's not that hard. I mean, just put the foam and stroke the razor and that's all. And always stroke the razor in the direction in which the hair is growing so you can avoid that tricky thingy with your hair going in your skin which hurts a lot... :P read this: i don't know the word in English and I'm too lazy to go out of my bad and search for dictionary and Google doesn't help :( so I hope that you will got the point :P

Never mind when you are online, I know what I will ask you :P lol