Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's talk about sex, Baby!

Good day!

I am doing OK although I am very worried about my school work. I am trying to prepare for my mock exams and do my best as much as possible – but there are these few subjects which I k now I will not be able to master!!
 I will not really leave you in the coming 3 weeks due to my exams because I love you so much and would like to keep bringing you something interesting to read – even if it’s not on a day-today basis. I tend to write long passages so this should be enough lol

For the upcoming days, I will be posting some research done about sexual identity. Every post will cover a certain aspect. This is such a huge topic, I understand, so I will only post a little about it. It will be like a summary of what is more or less the most relevant. I hope that through this, we all become a bit more understanding.

I realize that it is often not us, but the ‘straight’ people who need some lessons around sexuality because of their ignorance.
People as unique as most of us are often quite knowledgeable about these stuff because we’re smarter, and we are also much more curious and willing to learn!
But anyway, I hope you enjoy the read and feel free to make any comment or open any discussion…
It is my hope that some confused people (like me) would read this and get something valuable out of it or some ignorant people would also come across it and maybe become more understanding… *sigh*

PS: All the material I’ll post is found online (reliable sources) and nothing belongs to me.

So here we go. Let’s talk about sex! =P

What is sexuality?
The scientific study of sexual interests, behavior, and function
(According to Alfred Kinsey, regarded as modern founder and father of “sexology”)


Biological Sex: 
This can be considered our packaging and is determined by our chromosomes (XX for females; XY for males); our hormones (estrogen/progesterone for females, testosterone for males); and our internal and external genitalia (vulva, clitoris, vagina for females, penis and testicles for males). About 1.7% of the population can be defined as intersexual - born with biological aspects of both sexes to varying degrees. So, in actuality, there are more than two sexes.

Sexual Orientation: 
This is determined by our sexual and emotional attractions. Categories of sexual orientation include homosexuals (gay/lesbian), attracted to some members of the same sex; bisexuals, attracted to some members of more than one sex; and heterosexuals, attracted to some members of another sex. Orientation is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics and hormones, as well as unknown environmental factors. Though the origins of sexuality are not completely understood, it is generally believed to be established before the age of five.

Sexual Identity:  
This is how we perceive and what we call ourselves. Such labels include: lesbian, gay, bisexual, bi, queer, questioning, heterosexual, straight, and others. Sexual Identity evolves through a developmental process that varies depending on the individual. Our sexual behavior and how we define ourselves (identity) can be chosen. Though some people claim their sexual orientation is also a choice, for others this does not seem to be the case.


wayner said...

Hi Sam; you will definitely be getting some feedback on this subject from me. I would disagree though, about sexual identity being established before age 5. I think that may be true for 50% but for the rest it may also involve life experience. And I also think it is set in stone after puberty. IMHO
-Also, the sexuality which bugs me the most is bisexuality. I think that for guys especially, an equal sexual urge for both sexes is very rare. Again, we are talking about sexual urge, sexual preference, not 'emotional' or Platonic attraction to the opposite sex. For many reasons, young homosexual guys fear coming out; you know what they are, so they hedge their bets, claiming they are attracted to girls too so they will be more 'acceptable' to society. Like I told you, witness the many thousands of middle-aged men with families getting very expensive divorces each year when the truth finally catches up with them. To admit you are a homosexual, and not be a hypocrite, is a very brave thing. So in some ways, I can't judge others because everyone's situation is different. Yes, there are happy 'bisexuals' out there; whatever works for them. You do know, Sam, what your sex urge is directed at; but you need to deal with that at a time and place of your choosing. But be honest with yourself because you must live with your conscience.
-I think people are making sexuality out to be more complicated than it really is; it is the denial of the sexual urge that muddies the waters.
-Just my humble opinion from 60yrs on this crazy planet! - Wayne

tman said...

Sam, drag ass back to the books and secure your grades....that is your main priority right now... no more procrastinating, kid!!! I'll comment to your postings after I'm sure you have things under control.... love you, monkey, tman<3 lol

B. said...

OMG, I would really like to read that, cause I also investigeted a lot about that... And I can give you some sites which offer a lot of information, but, the only problem is it's on my native language :(

And I totally agree with you about the part "willing and more curious" YEAH, tell them :)

The sexuality is established before the age of five? Wow... I didn't know that... Well, I don't remember much from that period, so who knows :P