Sunday, March 14, 2010


(2nd post for today)

Hello and thanks a lot for being around and keeping my company!

I just wanna make a quick post to shout out loud that I love my Dad and I miss him so much!

If you think this is random, well here's the story....
I went to church this evening and the preaching was about the "The prodigal son"
At the end of the service, they played this worship song talking about how God, the Father, runs to His son and how we, humans, can always be forgiven...

For some reason, all the lyrics translated into my life...
I left home at a young age to come to my current boarding school  (overseas) and in a way or another I was not fully satisfied with the quality of education and life I had back home so I wanted to work hard for my own betterment and to meet my ambitions. I could have stayed back home and had quite a decent life anyway but my goals are so high and my dreams are so big...
By the way, I have the happiest and most loving and caring family ever and my Dad is symbol of courage, strength, sacrifice and love. (I actually wrote my personal essay for college about him and how he is my role model...)

So while I was listening to that song at church my eyes got a little wet and I realized that I love my father so much and that I am missing big time by not being close to him and my entire family... I so wish that next time I go home (for a holiday) I get to spend quality time with him to talk about life and get inspiration...

So, as soon as I left church I went straight to the phone  booth and called my dad :)
I talked with him for 5 minutes (not much - coz Int'l calls are expensive :P).
He was surprised, I could tell, but definitely happy, excited and overwhelmed to hear my voice.

God, please bless my father and my family and the families of all of my caring friends (fellow bloggers included) :)



tman said...

I would be SO proud if you were my son, Sam!! You have a wonderful heart and it comes through in your posts every time, even when you're having a tough time... I am happy that you were able to reach out to your dad... It's funny and sad, that many times, we feel distanced from the people that we love, for reasons that aren't even true; It takes an outstretched hand sometimes to make the difference... luv, Tman<3

Confused School Boy said...

You know that's very touching! And althoughy many people don't realise it god is actually very relevant to their lives. I love reading your blog and what you have to say. Even though your far away from your family i bet there isnt a day that goes by where you dont think about them!
Loads of hugs!!
Kieren x

Sam said...

@ Tman:
Thank you very much :)
It's true.. how I feel distant yet close, and close yet distant...

@ Kieren:
Thank you, my friend :)
I do think about them a lot, actually, you're right.
(I'll be checking your blog more often, I promise)
Hope things are well and under control on your side... HUGS!


wayner said...

A lot of dads are under-appreciated. Most straight dads do not outwardly show affection but they do on the inside. To keep up the responsibilities of family life, and that includes finances, is to be greatly admired. A few more months and you can get back to your family. - Wayne :)