Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can't get enough of "Baby"

Hey Bestest People!!!

I am almost done with mock exams!! YAYY!!! I still have one last paper to write on Saturday but it doesn't require much studying so I am officially setting my brain to 'holiday' mood :)
I have a day off tomorrow and I asked my Advisor to take me to the mall; gotta buy some toiletries lol

I like to believe that my exams went well, overall. They were hard, I must admit, since we were tested on ALL the material we've covered since September 2008!!
I did fairly well... hoping for some As in some subjects and I'd be happy with a C for Chemistry (I HATE CHEMISTRY)
I realized this week that I am kinda giving up on wanting to become a doctor... and it's such a shame coz I've wanted (or maybe convinced myself that I wanted) to become a medical doctor since I was so young. I always loved Biology (and excelled in it) and enjoyed taking care of people (sick or not)... Also, I have often been quite curious about the medical field and how things go over there...
PS: I shadowed a doctor in the ER last summer and loved it!
Now, since I am hating Chemistry (especially organic chem)... I am like, I cannot go and study Medicine coz Chem is at its base. It's such a shame...

I have SO MUCH fun plans for the upcoming break (will give you details later) but am hoping I do get to enjoy myself. In as much as I am spontaneous and joking in real life, I also tend to sometimes control myself, as I can get self-conscious and careful in what I do and how I behave (especially when I am around new people or ones I don't feel confident about myself with them)...
So I am really hoping I can be absolutely fun and chilled out in the coming weeks to enjoy myself and let people enjoy my company.

PS: I've missed someone so badly!!! I am hoping we get to chat tonight...

Hope you're all wrapping up the week on a good note and that all is well and peaceful!

I just watched the music video of "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce... it's so weird and crazy (in a good way, I like to believe)

I am loving Justin Bieber lately... He's such a cutie!!! and I can't get enough of his song: "Baby"
(No! It's not for kids!! lol) bleh! I still enjoy early teenage hood stuff and would love to watch Disney Channel right now!! lol (well, I am only 18)

Email me!!! I am bored now and free so would love to hear from you :)

Lots of Hugs!


joe said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel about chemistry. im a premed too and chemistry is extremely difficult for me while biology just comes naturally. i guess we're just more "concept" based people. at least that how i theorize it. I hope you can sort out what you wanna do!

wayner said...

If you can squeeze by with average marks in chemistry, you can still make a good doctor; most of the chem work is done by lab guys not doctors. It may also depend on what medical field you are interested in. Anyway, you know yourself best. And Justin Bieber is a little Canadian hottie I'm proud to say (and a guilty pleasure), but I hope his voice doesn't change into a foghorn! lol He better have his money in trust until he's 18. Sometimes its bad for teen idols to peak too early and then they go downhill fast eg Corey Haim. As for the chemistry, you can review the basics and go from there; its a matter of spending time on it. Don't decide your future yet. - Wayne :)

Octavius said...

I'm glad you are doing well. On the chemistry and being a doctor thing, just follow your heart mate, it is absolutely pointless spending all that time and effort on something you just aren't that into.

Don't worry about all the kid things you like, I'm almost twice your age and still love the disney channel!


Sam said...

@ Joe:
Thank you! I guess we're pretty much 'concept' based too, you're right. That stupid organize chem needs cramming and I am not into that!
Hope pre-med is cool for you!

@ Wayne:
you're right, hey! I can still become a doctor... I am gonna try pre-med along my major(s) in college and see how things come along...
You're Patriotic, eh? hehe... He deserves the pride!

@ Octavius:
Thanks! I'll give things time and won't settle on anything before I explore various fields (at college)
I LOVE Disney! hehehe

B. said...

Don't give up on medicine just because of Chemistry, it is hard, but if you love medicince, try to get to love Chemistry too somehow, dunno...

So, if you don't take medicine, what will you take instead?

You like Lady Gaga, yeah, you are gay, definitaley :P kidding :) I like her videos too, she's so creative and inspirative...