Monday, March 22, 2010

I can make a good housewife... I mean househusband

Good day!
We had an Arts festival at school yesterday evening. It was fun, had plenty of singing, dancing and stuff like that. I get so jealous when I see people being able to sing and dance that well... I know for a fact that I cannot sing (I do not have a good voice) but I really want to learn how to dance. I think I’ll take some dance course in college: Hip Hop & Ballroom Dancing…
When the show was over, I had a terrible feeling of loneliness so I went online for a while and didn’t have much people to talk to. So I headed to my room and sat in bed thinking and watching youtube videos of gay guys kissing… this made me feel even worse and my loneliness was intensified.

Later, Mike (best guy friend) saw me and asked me if I’d help him pack (coz he traveled today to the US for a college interview). So I went to his room and did his ironing. It took me like an hour to iron only 3 shirts… but I am good at such stuff (mom’s student ><). Then, I helped him arrange some of his stuff and went back to my room. I lay down in bed at around 1:00 am but did not switch off the light coz I wanted to do some other stuff later on. I woke up this morning feeling so exhausted and was late for breakfast (so did not eat). The light was still on this morning; I probably blacked out without noticing lol 
I felt so messed up the whole day and I do not know why – as if someone has beaten me up while asleep lol

Today and tomorrow we don’t have classes at school. We’re basically working in teams on our community service projects. In the afternoon, I went to my room (also bored and lonely) and did some sewing. I had a few pants that needed to be adjusted to my height. 
See? I can make a good househusband? Any potential groom interested? Hehe

My spring holiday officially starts on Wednesday. We have a senior retreat fun day.
Tonight I am going to a school play – I don’t have part in it. I am so NOT involved in extra stuff at school. I just want to get into college and graduate. Oh, I also want to find someone to love – preferably a guy lol

Have a lovely week y’all!
Lonely Sam 


Micky said...

Oh yeah Sam?


But can you do it day after day after day after day - coz (although we don't do sewing and we certainly don't do ironing) there's cleaning and cooking and washing-up and shopping and all sorts of little, silly jobs - PLUS, in our case, the Former Bitch to entertain for most of the day.

And then Pete says I just stay at home doing nothing.

Naw - he does appreciate me!

Manu said...

aww sam *hugz* :)

Manu said...

you haven't send m any e-mail. I missed them :)

wayner said...

In some ways a boarding school is somewhat restrictive; I suppose it is easier to find a circle of friends if you were living at home. But try and find some activities for those lonely spells; good time to go for a jog! lol You might meet someone. Also for good sleep, it helps to stick to a sleep routine to fall asleep quickly, and don't take your worries to bed with you; people who don't care about anything sleep the best! lol; we all feel crappy if we get a lousy night's sleep. You should get at least 8-9hrs every night.(and eat that breakfast!) When you get a life partner, you both have to do the mundane chores of daily life; it is showing respect for each other. Hope Mike comes back soon. bfn - Wayne :) (and hugs too!)

tman said...

hey Sam... See what happens, when you don't have any particular schedule?? It all sounds good, going in, but, just hanging around after being so busy, for a long time, is not as much fun as you'd expect... We all need some kind of stimulation, during the course of a day; Without it, it's easy to get a little depressed...
If it was me, Sam, I'd be trying to catch up on things that you wanted to do, but couldn't, during the hectic times- go to the bookstore, have some gourmet coffee, see that movie that everyone's talking about, go hiking(bring a camera and get some pictures for us, on your blog).... All of these activities should be shared with a friend or two (maybe even invite Neo and others) if possible... Then, vegetate a little; rest your weary bones- watch some TV, or catch some sun, if it's warm where you are... Also, a little time alone is a good thing- everyone needs time to put things into perspective and free time can be very valuable for this!! Ah, life... the grass is always greener some place else!!! lol luv, tman<3 hugs2!

Sam said...

@ Mickey:
hehe.. yeah! I can make a good househusband although I am sure I could be quite a successful working husband too lol
PS: I am really good in cleaning, cooking, washing, and shopping too! :)
The best part is bitch entertainment lol

PS: I am sure Pete does appreciate you!

@ Manu:
:$ *Hugz* in return (I just emailed you)

@ Wayne:
I should work on my sleeping habit but can definitely never get 8-9 hrs of sleep in this school of mine.
I would definitely want a partner who shares everything with me, including house chores!
(I am chatting to Mike online now >_< )

@ Tman:
These are all great tips but not that achievable in the jail, I mean boarding school where I am living lol
I am finding 'Sam time' to enjoy myself and think through things...

Hope you're all good!

B. said...

Marry me, I suck at everything considering house work :P

Sam said...

Mr. B!!!
I am not marrying someone who will make me a househusband and that's it! lol
Sharing is Caring, buddy!!


B. said...

Hahaha :) No worries, I can offer other benefits... :) And I can do something out of houseworks, but don't be pissed off if it's done bad - you know :D Anything for you... LOL

Sam said...

aww.... cute!!
I think I'd appreciate that.
You can make a good husband, then! LOL