Friday, March 19, 2010

I am so damn Gay!! (Here's a proof you'll like)

Sam: What do you think of Mr. Neo...
Tim: Yes, he is gay. good work! your gaydar is good!
Tim: Are you excited??!!
Sam aah.... I am speechless... Gee! Mr. Tim!!
Tim:  why?
Sam: I am shocked coz I knew it!! I've felt that for so long and never knew how to be sure..
Tim: well, now you know how it works! :)

Good day!

Hope you're all well.
I am so so excited!! I wanted to post about this yesterday but it was quite late and I had to go to bed.
So I was chatting with my former gay teacher (Tim) yesterday night. I basically talk with him about anything and everything. So I told him I have a random question and he was like, go ahead. So I asked him if Neo (the teacher I am having pizza with him tomorrow) is gay...
So yeah!!! Mr. Neo is GAY!!!!
And I knew it! I felt it! I was not exaggerating! I got the correct signals and I was so damn right! 
I am so excited and proud of myself (...and of my gaydar). hihihi :)

One more gay guy in the house!!! ;)
Gee! How should I go about this? I wanna hint at him that I am like him! hehe...
But Tim told me that he probably already knows about me (coz of his gaydar, duh!)
What should I do? I wanna befriend him now...
[not just coz he's gay lol.... He's a cool guy as I have told you before...]
Now everything makes sense to me :)

Go my Gaydar, GO GO GO!


HMG said...

Nice, sometime I really need to test mine. Nice job though!

Aaron said...

LOL LOL!!!!!!

This post is rather funny! But welldone to your gaydar! Haha.

wayner said...

Lol; Sam, its great that you are discovering some gay friends and remember these guys may want some discretion so respect that. Also with homosexuals, some you may like as friends, others you may want to have sex with, maybe some you will fall in love with; just the same as it is for heterosexuals. And you may get your heart temporarily broken just the same as heterosexuals! And you definitely have gadar, but don't make the mistake of asking a straight lumerjack if he's gay ROFL. Glad you're having some fun and excitement. - Wayne :)

CoolCharlie said...

YES! you are... lolz

Sam said...

Thanks Guys!
I am so excited hehe
I hinted something about me being flamboyant today as we crossed on campus...
We will have pizza tomorrow evening together... I hope the other friends leave us early so I can stay alone with him muahahaha

(Wayne, I understand those things about homosexual life, man! I feel them, actually! :D)

scottiestoybox said...

Hey Sam, I am glad you found another person who is gay, and really glad your happy, but please remember to respect his boundaries also. As you often tell us the students would give you a hard time if you came out, how hard would it be for him if it got spread around?

Enjoy the day out dude!

B. said...

LOL, maybe Tim and Neo had some... mutual understanding :) lol, you kinda tickled my fancy... or maybe it's because I feel kinda horny now... :P

My gaydar sucks btw :((((