Thursday, February 18, 2010

Restoring myself… a bit

Good day, my friends!


First of all, I wanna apologise to all of you for not posting in a while – my school was fucking up my life a bit (as always)
I was looking so messed up in the previous days – lack of enough sleep and crappy school food (that I don't eat)

My Chinese test went bad!
Well, for an A* student, I did very poorly coz that was the first time we had all the exam written in Chinese characters and we had to answer the question using characters ONLY! Before then, we used to use ‘pinyin’ (which is like using the Latin letters – a,b,c…z – lol for the sound of the characters)
Excuse my cockiness, please..

My Chemistry test also went bad! The test cleared me thoroughly. I hate chemistry, by the way. In my former school, chem was regarded as the science subject for dummies (in sciences) lol. I wonder what happened now. It’s so freaking annoying!

I also had a short History test. I stayed on Tuesday up until 3:00 am trying to read those articles we had for it. When I finished, I could barely remember what I read lol. So I wrote the test the second morning and FML! I didn’t really need to read those crappy stuff for it. It’s not that I did well in the test, I just would have never done well in it, anyway (have I read or not)!

Yesterday after dinner (5:30 PM), I came to my room and wore my pjs. I thought of sleeping a bit then waking up later to blog, and socialise with some fellows. We also had a school-wide session later on. So I went to bed at 6:00 pm, hoping for a nap and I found myself waking up the second day (today) at 4:40 am! These were the most awesome 10 hours of sleep I have ever had (in my entire life). I don’t remember having slept this early ever. And TEN fuckin hours! Is something I have never achieved at my current school.
So yeah, I missed the school session, blogging, and chatting with some friends and with my Mommy…
I am still shocked coz of how I slept :S

I am looking much better than before now. Oh, and I had a freaky dream. It was about me sitting in a surgery room with a plasttic surgeon refusing to do my rhinoplasty. He was saying that's it's unethical of him to do it coz my nose is not that bad and shit like that. I kept insisting but he also kept on refusing...
By the way, I REALLY want to have his nose job done in the summer. I know it will improve my life a lot, coz it'd give me more confidence and whatnot. I am still trying to convince my Mom about it - I told her I'd pay for it (from my life savings lol)!  *fingers crossed* she accepts!!! Please... please GOD, let her accept!!

Anyway, we have a long weekend (no school Thursday-Sunday) and am happy about it coz I’ll get to sleep, chill and catch up on my pile of assignments. I did NOT sign up to go anywhere, off-campus these few days. I guess I just wanna chillax (chill+relax).

My school is stupid! Teachers are calling these 4 days-off,  a h-o-l-i-d-a-y! (Thursday and Friday no school – Saturday and Sunday have always been free for us, you fuckers! – @ my teachers)
So they have bombarded us with assignments saying we’ve got plenty of time to do them!
Moreover, they’re asking us to start studying for our mocks (coming early March). The Dean literally sent us an email saying that we should NOT relax at all in these 4 days coz “A holiday is a luxury candidates cannot afford” (I am quoting him)

I WILL relax! (and blog too) whether they like or not.
Of course, I’ll have to study too… but bleh! I am so sick and tired of studying. I want to GRADUATE!

PEOPLE! I have in mind some cool stuff to post about so please come over my blog constantly over these 4 days! (I might be even posting more than once a day)

PS: Thanks a lot for your good wishes! I am off to reply to some emails, now.
Please remember to always email me if you need someone to talk to or for plain fun. I am all yours! ;)

I love you guys!


xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Bibi maybe ur dreams are trying to tell u that ur nose is sexy as it is...


Sam said...

lol, I don't think so!
It's probably just a reflection of how much I really want to get that rhinoplasty!

alex said...

You should be exhausted to fall asleep that way. I remember my student days at Uni, at school never worked so hard. Sorry to hear that you did not very well in the test of Chinese, but you should not feel bad, it's a very difficult language; the next you will be better. I agree with xxxJoshuaxxx, that maybe your nose is telling your subconscious that is fine as it is.

Sam said...

I was exhausted indeed!!!
I so need to get that nosejob! lol

wayner said...

Most teens need at least 9hrs sleep each night and do not realize the importance of sleep, especially for your memory and energy the next day. Teens naturally want to stay up late and sleep in; if you can't sleep in, then you must go to bed earlier. I remember doing homework and studing for exams while my irresponsible friends were having a good time; that was tough, but it paid off for me. With China being the emerging power this century, learning some of the language is not such a bad idea. Maybe you can find an off campus computer to check that xtube vid! lol - Wayne

Eye said...

10 hours of sleep is a lot! I've been getting like 3 a day for the last 3 weeks... haha, and it's not like I study that much (at all).

Also, the rhinoplasty, well, I guess everyone can do with their bodies what they think is best, and if you think it'll make you better looking/more confident i say go for it and good luck convincing your mom ^_^

Sam said...

Sleeping is delicious! lol
and Chinese is awesome - I love it!

B. said...

LOL, after my finals (a one month ago approximately) when last test passed, I went back home about 6 PM and was awake until 10 PM, and when I went to bed. OMG, I slept to the 1 PM next days, the most amazing 15 hours of sleep, and I know how you felt for your 10 lol...

Hahaha, I was also thinking about having my nose fixed, cause it's bit curved or whatever, I don't know exactly word for being bit in the left :P and I'm simply scared cause I heard that it's really painful surgery, but probably I will do it sometime cause I started to snore a lot (LOL)... which is not healthy at all, but my nose is not so critical... We'll see how your surgery went and then i will make my decision :P lol

Sam said...

I'll write about the surgery when it happens if it does happen at all!!!