Friday, February 19, 2010

Photography Seminar... must read, must see!

I had  such a lonely and tearful day yesterday… It was one of those random self acceptance crises a guy like me is expected to get. Thanks God, I had a great friend, online, to support me and give me all kind of reassurance and hope! I always appreciate it, my liefde!

I am gonna post down some of the advices that a lady (professional photographer) gave us during a Photography seminar I attended 2 days ago. If you’d like, email me to send you her modest website – I don’t want to advertise for her in vain lol

-          If you wan to go into photography (as a career or as a hobby), go first for something (i.e. topic, theme) you really know, is close to your hear or you’re passionate about. For example, nature, or family.
-          While shooting photos, keep communicating with your subject (the one you’re taking a photo of) so that they feel comfortable and behave as naturally as possible.
-          However, be invisible (i.e. don’t let your subject feel like you’re all over them)
-          If doing ‘reportage’ photography, always go around your subject. Never expect them or even ask them to turn or lean for you!
-          Take time to observe – look around and explore the setting –  Hence, you’ll find the best shots to take
-          Imagine how the photo would be before taking it – this gives you more creativity in taking the best background and your subject in their best position…
-          Put yourself in your subject’s shoes. Imagine how they’re feeling and how they’d react so that your photo will hold a context and a story within it.
-          Hence, always remember that: Good Photograph = Frame + Context
-          Do not limit yourself to one frame (angle or perspective). Rather, always take some 5 to  6 shots from different perspectives and then decide on which one is better and shows most context and hence, worth keeping.
-          Look at the work of other photographers.
-          Develop your own style (after having learned about other styles from various professionals and photographers) and be unique.
-          Photography is enjoyable so have fun with it!

I have always enjoyed taking photos, just for random reasons, but this seminar made me realize that photography is much deeper than what I thought.

My online friend 'B' is passionate about both: Photography and Writing. Hence, he can combine these two passions by venturing into reportage making (like the lady who gave us the seminar). Photographs with some text linked to them (context) can deliver great messages and make change in this world, bringing different parts of the world closer to each other and making people aware of certain global or local issues, hoping for understanding and hopefully resolving them.

Hope you enjoy photography and that this post has been somehow helpful or at least interesting..
I'll post soon aroud some research done about homosexuality in the animal kingdom! :)
(Beside the human animals lol)

Lastly, “Keep smiling, because life is a camera”


Here are some photos I have personally taken over time....
(No hints intended towards where I am from or where I live - I travel! lol)



Seth said...

Awww Kitty!!

Another thing to add - from a technical standpoint. Do NOT get all focused on equipment and gizmos. Yes it's nice to have the greatest and most expensive toys, but getting to be too much of a "gear head" will simply bog you down over time.

A good quality and versatile camera is a good starting point. STRONGLY consider your other purchases and compare them to your needs. And especially in the beginning, carefully plan what type(s) of images you will be making for the forseeable future, and base your equipment around that.

Anyway... cheers

Sam said...

Yay!! Thanks Sethy.
She mentioned something like that, I forgot to write it down lol
Yeah, basically, you don't really need to have a professional camera to take good photos!

alex said...

These tips can apply to other things besides photography. I'm glad you left your depression. Death is not a very liked by anyone, however it is something we all have to face eventually, when that happens rest assured that your friends will be there to support you.
"Homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Is there another?
The picture reminds me of my cat :(

scottiestoybox said...

Liked the pictures.

Best wishes,

wayner said...

Photography is so much easier with the great new digital cameras now available. Trouble is, there is no such thing as a 'real' photograph anymore. (are those foot-long wangers on guys and balloon sized tits on the girls in the photos real?lol)
- There was a series on sex in the animal kingdom on tv last year. Most interesting were the very humanlike apes the Bonobos, in the Congo I think. Forget straight sex; these pervs were engaging in sexual activity that would make a porn star blush, gay or straight! We are first and foremost biological beings; that is why we 'civilized' humans get into so much trouble over sex. (and why 'society' is wrecking your sex life!); I would add a 'lol' except I read how lonely you were the other day and that is not funny. - Wayne

B. said...

First, thank you so much for the link, I really do LOVE photography! And I really really really appreciate mentioning me... :)

Second, OMG, that tips are really amazing. We must talk on this subject more (in emails :P), cause I really want to learn as much as possible about photography, and I will show you some of my pictures. I take a shot of whatever I find interesting, you'll see :-) I must print these advices and tape them somewhere and always look at them. Thank you so so so much! AND SENT ME THE SITE OF THAT photographer IMMEDIATELY :P!!! Pronto :P

Nice pictures you have there... I love that one with cat and the mouse, if that is really a real mouse (I can't see cause it's bit blurry) it's soooo amazing!

Do you maybe have account at

B. said...

I love these ones:
- Imagine how the photo would be before taking it – this gives you more creativity in taking the best background and your subject in their best position…
- Put yourself in your subject’s shoes. Imagine how they’re feeling and how they’d react so that your photo will hold a context and a story within it.

And for this one: "Look at the work of other photographers" there is no better place than :)

Sam said...

Thank you B!!
I am glad you've enjoyed this post.
I do not have an account over there because I photograph for fun only - maybe I'll create one when I find some spare time.

I'd love to check out your pics some time (via emails...) and yeah! That is a REAL mouse. It's blurry coz I was so amazed when I saw it so I didn't focus the camera...
The cat didn't seem interested in catching that mouse - it played a bit with it and then left it lol