Monday, February 1, 2010

Me, Myself and I (Family/Friends)

Good Day Dearest Friends,

I have read all your comments on my last post. Thank you so so much! It really helped.
I am feeling better today (guess coz am so busy with school work lol)
I apologize for not responding to your comments right now; that’s because I am running like a headless chicken these couple of days. I have full day classes and assessments in the evenings… plus I gotta prepare for the launch of my organization (community service project)
But I am in control of all that work… hopefully.
So for now, I am going to post my last 15 facts about me and it’s going to be about my friends and family.
I will be replying to your comments on yesterday’s post soon this week. So please read that when you get time. Thanks again for all your support!!

76.   I had once ruined a great friendship because of going out with that girl  friend and having a relationship that did not work out well
77.   I am very close to my MOM – she thinks she knows a lot about me but that is not so true. She has an amazing motherly instinct though; as in whenever something is wrong with me I just find her calling me… weird
78.   I have two sisters (older, younger) and one younger brother.
79.   I used to find my sister’s ex-bf very cute and wished he’d come to our place more often lol (of course he didn’t even know that I do like him, ,not even as a friend as a result of being my sis’ bf)
80.   No one of my friends (the ones I know in person) has ever asked me if I am gay/bi, so far
81.   I hate it when girls say “well, you’re a guy, you wouldn’t tell me if that man is handsome or not; you cannot tell anyway”
82.   No one amongst my circle of friends has ever come out to me as gay/lesbian/bi. I know I have a lesbian friend though but we never talk about that.
83.   My family has two houses; we keep on moving between city and town depending on the seasons lol (yeah, like bird migration haha)
84.   In my family, we eat meals, watch TV and drive around altogether. Lunch time is one very holy family time
85.   Most of my friends pretend they are open-minded but often react in a very narrow-minded way regarding certain things – and it annoys me! Btw, I currently live abroad (away from home and family) in a very narrow-minded community – my school
86.   I do not have one particular BEST FRIEND FOREVER.  But I have like a circle of around 10 very good friends.
87.   People find it easy to talk to me about almost anything. I have my ways to make people speak up even if they’d previously said “I cannot tell you”
88.   My older sister does not trust me much. I was such an asshole with her when I was younger (I think it’s just that I was a protective bro and jealous about her from other guys… normal stuff)
89.   My younger brother is the complete opposite of me: He loves sports and video games, is not that studious, has dimples (so cute), will be much cuter than me when he grows up…
90.   I have a roommate and we get along well enough. He’s kind/calm/tidy (and conservative)… I can’t really complain.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me through these 90 facts about me myself and I…
Please feel free to ask me anything or seek any sort of clarification.

Love, Tender, and Care,


southern said...

Yes Sam I did enjoy getting to know you better.
Regards Stef.

Scottie said...

Sam I am so glad you are feeling better, recharged and ready to face all the challenges in your life. Yes I enjoyed the facts you put up, man just listing all the stuff about oneself must have taken a lot of work. I really like that you have at least 10 good friends rather than just one person.

Some times I can understand what you are saying by relating it to something in my life. However some times I draw a blank. Sorry but the truth is sometimes I just don't have an answer. On the feelings you were having about being happy, I have been there and so could give you my thoughts. On the other stuff, I am still thinking. I asked a friend to look over your post for me and give his advice. I also brought up on my blog, just what is a friend or what does it mean, as I couldn't find the right words.

Be well, good luck on your project.
best wishes, Scottie

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Sammy love ur posts man!!!

Sam said...

Thank you, guys!!

Scottie; I'm looking forward to hear what your friend might have to say

wayner said...

I'm an old homosexual guy (I hate the 'gay'word) and I have been offering some advice on some of the 'gay' young guy blogs. About the sexual identity thing; you say that the big head rules, not the little head. I strongly disagree when it comes to sexual preference. Enjoying the company of women does not make you str8 or bi; you can see lots of homosexuals who enjoy talking to women, but sex is always with guys. Your brain can deny all it wants, but your dick knows what it likes. I'll be brutal. If when you jerk off, your fantasies are ALWAYS about guys and dicks, and you are past puberty, then you are homosexual. If your fantasies are about big tits and fucking a cunt, then you are heterosexual. There, does that clear up the confusion? If you present me with any other argument there is a small possibility you might be bi (which is a cop-out) or you are just in denial; the passage of time will make your sexuality very clear. Good luck!

CoolCharlie said...

I think I'm going to steal your 'list of points' idea. This could be fun!

Sam said...

Feel free to do so, Charlie!