Friday, February 5, 2010

I'll write about homosexuality, you ignorant!

Hello again for today!

So I wanna tell you something :) 

I got a new assignment for writing class which is to write about some current issue (global, local or school related) that we, students, have a strong opinion about… These articles that we write will be posted on my school online journal and will be there for like forever lol

I have decided to write an article about ignorance. I am gonna start off by saying how I believe that we, humans, are born very ignorant but should attempt to end every day by being a bit less ignorant. And this is achieved by exposure, openness and understanding…

My main example for the piece I am writing is about homosexuality. So, I am going to write about how, me, personally have been ignorant about homosexuality for what’s almost 14 years of my life and how most people back home and around me now (mainly, in the developing countries) are also this badly (and even more) ignorant….

I will explicitly talk about how I feel that I am living in a very narrow-minded environment (after having that school-wide presentation about homosexuality, during which my fellow school mates asked DUM questions and made STUPID and OFFENSIVE comments that totally pissed me off)

I am so excited to finish this writing piece!
The teacher said we can ask for our articles to be submitted anonymously, if we desire, but I don’t think I will send mine like that. I am gonna sign it with pride and with my full name on top! lol

I do understand the implications though. Some will wonder why on earth, amongst all possible topics that concern me I chose to write about ignorance and take the example of homosexuality as the main point of my article.... bla bla bla

But you know what? I don’t give a damn shit about what those IGNORANT people will think.
At the end of the day, no matter what they would think of me, this will remain a thought that they cannot really confirm nor refute (unless they find my blog lol). Moreover, it is my opinion and they’d better respect it. I am so sick of there naivety; its time to make it clear to them how bad they are and how wrong they think!

Actually, I had many ideas in mind to write about but my teacher encouraged me to pick this controversial topic because she thinks it's kinda needed at my school (for people to wake up! lol)
(By the way this teacher is cool, fun, friendly, young, sarcastic and open-minded : )

Gosh! I have so much work to do during this weekend. Beside the tons of homework, my team and I are launching our community service project tomorrow in front of the whole school and some guests. I am kinda nervous but at least I am not doing much public speaking coz I am more in charge of the direction of projects and the finances; so I do the calculation and the organization and my other team members would do the actual talking during the presentation. I will do talk though - will explain our financial plan

Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend y’all!


Old Midhurstian said...

Yay, Sam! Go for it and give it all you've got. Ignorance is the root cause of some of the worst prejudice that homosexuals face. Sounds like you've got that rara avis a brilliant teacher, make the most of her while you can.

Good luck

Scottie said...

I agree Sam, you can do this topic, do it right, strong , and still not give too much of your private life away. Remember ignorance shows, being gay does not. I hope you will post the finished article, if not mail me a copy. I look forward to reading it.

The best to you on your team project this weekend. How is it working in groups and teams in your school?

Be well, you are getting stronger every day. You know more about your self now, which many your age will not try to do.

Best wishes,

Billy said...

Well done! That's a great way to make the declaration to the world, making it about the important issues and not about you personally. Putting your name to it shows that you're proud of who you are, and provides a great example to everyone. Just a suggestion, keep it positive, show people how they can be more tolerant and aware rather than tell them how stupid and ignorant they are (even if it's true!). If you make people defensive they are more likely to reject what you say.

Good luck with your presentation!

wayner said...

I've already told you I'm a 59yr old homosexual (5'-8 and 160lbs of muscle; I ride a freeride bike daily) Just some observations on homosexuality.
-Once you are past puberty, and you identify as homosexual whether through genes or experience or both, nothing is going to change that.
-The far right hates homosexuals.
-Organized religion hates homosexuals.
-Society loves to use derogatory terms for homosexuals; you've heard them all. Even the word 'gay' implies that a guy is effeminate. Lots of homosexuals are in sports and lots you could mistake for lumberjacks. Lots of heterosexual guys act effeminate.
-Even worse, homosexuals have a smaller pool of sex partners to choose from; many are closeted.
-Other than sexuality, homosexuals are the same as heteros; they work and pay taxes just like everyone else.
-Unfortunately, it is a jungle out there; there is a lot of competition; ignorant people will put down homosexuals to advance themselves and their egos.
-Generally speaking, homosexuals aren't interested in straight guys; they shouldn't feel threatened.
-You'd think straight guys would want more homosexuals around; more women for them.
-I'm retired; I'm in the same position as straights; Other people think that at my age, sex should mean nothing but gender!

Shouldn't you get rid of your confusion before lecturing on homosexuality? How about being honest with yourself. You know damn well what your sexuality is. Be honest about it. - Wayne (sorry for being brutal with a comment I made a few days ago.)

B. said...

I wish you all the luck with your project. It kinda reminds me on Carwin's project about coming out... Can't wait to see reactions...

Sam said...

Hello Guys!

Thank your for your comments and your advices about how to make my article better.

Just a clarification;
I am not going to use this as a way to come out to my school or so. I just wanted to choose this controversial topic to make my piece stand out and to make the readers more aware and hopefully more understanding. I will try my best not to hint at myself...
As you know; I am not ready yet...

I will let you know how things go but this is gonna take some time coz publishing them is not gonna happen very soon. All interested students should first send in their pieces, faculty would edit them (just to make sure the English is correct) and then publish them some time later (end of trimester or so)

PS: Wayner; no offense! it's OK, man!

Thanks again!

Tim in Italy said...

Well, you know what they say: 'Minds are like umbrellas; to work, they have to be open'. Perhaps you can move that altar stone of prejudice askew a bit and let some light shine in. But don't be disappointed if you don't. Like good foot soldiers, we have to do our duty without any assurance that what we're fighting for will come about in our lifetimes. I do agree that humor and inclusion will go a lot father than preaching. I don't know, are you prone to preaching? well, don't.

As a side note, the French Foreign Legion still accepts applications from men who have to drop out of sight for whatever reason, quickly and with no questions asked. I thought I'd mention it. You know, just in case.

But I'm sure it will be fine. Really.

alex said...

At school I also did a job with the same subject, "ignorance", not directly focused on homosexuality, but the acceptance and tolerance of different ways of thinking. This is a very interesting and if you manage to get even one person think about what you write, that is a step forward, but seeks to give a positive tone , society is like a mule, if you push too hard does not go foward, but that kicks you.
Good luck with your community service project, and remember to get the time between all your occupations to eat, sleep and rest.

Sam said...

@ Tim:
-Thank you.. I know another quote:
"Minds are like parachutes: they only function when they're open" lol
-I do get your point... I'll try my best and see how open I can be... I am not that much of a preacher but can preach if need be. I prefer spontaneity and humor over too much talking that can be easily forgotten.
-France is interesting, to say the least lol

@ Alex:
I like the mule analogy; my mother said that to me once too :)
I do find time to eat, sleep and rest but not enough though... I am almost always too worried and stressed about life deeds plus my confusion...

Hope you're all doing well!!


CoolCharlie said...

Ok I’m really laughing out loud on Tim’s comment on the French Foreign Legion. I hope he never post that on my blog... lol I might take his advise and run. Lol. Then where would we all be with no Charlie. lol

Ok Sam here it is my comment on your project: Yeah Baby Yeah [said in that Austin Power’s sort of way]. Knock some sense in the whole bigoted bunch. My friends are like that; lately gay has been use in every other sentence as a put down. Oh that’s gay, this is gay, and you’re gay, for anything that’s fucked up. I so much want to say. YEAH I’M FUCKIN GAY, SO WHAT... lol

I’m feeling good after reading this post.(and yes I’m reading out of order... Sorry) Not only do I have a new friend who gets things, (read me) but is an awesome dude too.

Love from your friend,

P.S. When you give the financial report. Stand up; pause; look them all in the eye and say... Were broke... then just go and sit back down... JJ

Sam said...

Thanks Charlie for being this cute! please don't run to France. I just found you and want us to keep in touch...

My friends are doing the same thing, about using the word gay... I feel like slapping them SO HARD every time they speak like that!

You're awesome too, my friend!

By the way, I got a grant of around 1500 USD for my project! :)

Mutual Love,

CoolCharlie said...

Congratulations, now you have to apply American banking expertise. That’s how to put $1499 in your pocket and convince everyone else $1 does equal $1500 in a derivatives market sort of way, It’s, just really badly geared... lol

Sam said...

No... I am not that corrupted!
My team and I need that money to make our project activities come to live.

Of course, we will spend some money on ourselves (to be frank with you) but that's called "Team Bonding" costs..
We're planning no going out for dinner this week to this fancy restaurant to celebrate the successful launch we had lol