Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank You Fellow Bloggers!

Hola good people!

I am writing to thank you all for reading my blog and commenting.
You can’t imagine how much your support is helping me every day!

18 followers already!! YAY!!!!

 I do know that some of you read but do not comment;
 So I appreciate the time you all spend on my blog…

Love ya!

Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Dankie! Danke! ! ありがと! شكرا



alex said...

You are welcome, de nada, avec plaisir, dis 'n plesier, bitte,
不用谢, どういたしまして, ألعفو
I'm not sure of the last, if you can clarify me whether the expression is correct, I would be grateful.

Sam said...

Well, that's a clever way to tell what languages I can speak... ;)

I can tell you that 6 out of the 8 languages you mentioned, I am dead sure they're correct!

(Guess which ones I don't know...) lol

Thanks again!

CoolCharlie said...

You are most welcome. I don't think you can imagine how some of your posts have made me feel, and I've only read February. lol

Going to go back and do the rest soon!

And to the fun game, and with some of these it’s been a while, I'm captivated, cautivado, captivé, ban, gefangen,迷住的, 魅了,أسيرا with your blog. Yes I had to look some up... :p
Which ones you speak.... mmm, let’s see if I got any of them right first and I’ll come back with some suggestions later.

Su cuate, esta perron,

Charlie un joto... lol

Sam said...

aww... Merci Beaucoup, mon ami!
On serait de tres bons amis, je pense...

From the languages I know; you got them right but I kinda have no clue what you said in the end...

joto means excellent in Japanese... gay in Spanish Mexican, if I am not mistaken lol